Anime Review: Long Riders (Fall 2016)

Long Riders is anime focusing on cycling and the enjoyment it is. It's a slice of life mixed with sports and a bit of comedy. 

MAL thinks makes the tag word of Shounen. I don't agree. This anime is not be focus on Young Male but rather in Young Female. So it should be Shojo, maybe, no?

The stories focus on a young girl called Ami Kurata. She is a first year universty who buys a bike and tries to ride it. With the help of her friend Aoi and then new friends Yayoi & Hinako and then later an older Saki she stars to understand the joy of riding and the great difficulties it comes with having a bike.

This anime focus mainly on the sports (giving hints on how to ride and how to maintain a riding bicycle). 

The main feeling I get fro this anime is the relaxing and tranquility that gave me. I know they are all girls but don't expect anything ecchi or something like that. There isn't any. They are girls who enjoy riding. No fanservice at all... unless you count on seeing on a biking clothes.

In terms of characters there are any interesting about them. The only one who grew was Ami. The rest - well; they exist and serve her purpose. Oh, they are all smilling... ALWAYS with the exception of our main character. One thing that bother me, two of the girls were very alike... (physical) in terms of mentality (well they were almost all the same...)

In terms of graphics, art and CGI it serves it's purpose. Nothing that transcends what's normal. In terms of Background and Vistas... that's where it shines. The views on the mountains and sea and so on are great.

This is a anime that focus on people who want to ride a bicycle or wants to get motivate to get into one. Unless you are one of those two groups I would skip it UNLESS you want something to fall asleep due to feeling it transmits...  Tranquility & Peace

Story 3
Art         6
Sound 4
Enjoyment 7
Overall   5
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