Anime Review: Yami Shibai - Japanese Ghost Stories I through IV (Several Seasons)

Well, this Winter season I watch one of the episodes from the IV season. I thought it was a interesting little street theater anime and since each episode with barely 5m were self contained I thought of watching them.

There is a great difference between the four seasons. The last season is awful. I think I only enjoy one or two episodes.

Memorable ones from Season 1
The Next Floor; 
Contradiction  (this reminds of a movie...); 
Cursed is another very interesting tale that I would enjoy watching a full lenght movie. Basically a girl is cursed and try to "uncurse" with the help of a Shinto Priest but it seems it cannot... Very frightful
Video - Reminds me of a horror movie about a videotape (hmm Ring

Memorable ones from Season 2
Taro-chan - Another one that remind me of a movie... CHUCKIE!
Wall Woman - Voyeur it's terrible

Memorable ones from Season 3 (This season focus a lot of monsters...not so frightful)
Lend It to Me - Awesome. Probably one of my favorite...
Museum of Taxidermy - Another movie hint guys?
Cuckoo Clock - Always wanted one from the Black Forest in Germany...
Drawings - This one connects with the credits on each episode from the third season series...

Memorable ones from Season 4 (worst one)
Grinding Teeth (probably the only one worth mentioning..)

Don't expect nothing fancy. This is barely anime at all. It's a cartoon made like the old times in the streets where theaters were make with fix backgrounds and only moving the characters or something like that. Nevertheless it's watchable...

This review is going to have a mix of them all... Since in MAL I gave 
Season 1 - 5
Season 2 - 6
Season 3 - 4
Season 4 - 2

Story 5
Art         3
Sound 4
Enjoyment 3
Overall   4
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