Book Review: Shamanslayer (2012)

Shamanslayer Shamanslayer by Nathan Long
My rating: 7 of 10 stars

Another great novel by Nathan Long.

When William King left Gotrek and Felix many people that this couldn't be it to this duo. A lot of years had passed and Black Library made them start again. This time by the hands of Nathan Long. Unfortunately or he got sick of writing about Gotrek and Felix OR BL and GW said that he should stop. What happened I do not know. He started writing the Ulrika Trilogy.

Meanwhile, some other writers wrote Gotrek novels but they are not a continuation of the story made by William King & Nathan Long. Supposedly these tales are set inbetween other novels and mainly on that 20 years hiatus that Gotrek and Felix went missing...

I haven't read it, will read it in a couple of months...

Nathan Long is not William King. I loved William King Gotrek novels and way of writing but I also like Nathan Long. In my opinion William King is better. Daemonslayer and Beastlsayer are two of my favorite novels of all time. Well and they have Thanquol which helps a lot.

In this novel they've come back to the Old Worlde after dealing with the Dark Elves just to be sent to the woods fighting a massive horde of Gor and Ungors and the like. Supposedly a Shaman had the power to turn humans into beasts.

There are some subplots like Felix and Kat relation (a girl he had save 20 years previously) and we also learn more about the Slayers world. Snorri appears as well and it seems the 20 years he had spending afterward killing that Vampire he is now crazy as a bat and have forgotten the first reason to become a slayer. That shame and that's a crime to the slayers... If he is killed before finding it out he will not go to Grimgir halls...

Well, there is massive battles (mainly the last 50 pages).

This ends in a cliffhanger so beware reading..

This tale also ends with Snorri losing his foot and a new threat appears just before the novel ending... And we are dealing with Zombies (after all the next book is Zombieslayer).

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