Welcome to another review of Walking Dead - This time is season 4. 
I must say, overall, this season was one of the best. The first couple of seasons, it focus a lot on the survivors as a whole (mostly on Rick of course). The third season focus on the Prison survivors BUT also there were some episodes that focused on Michonne & Andrea. One on Merle and that's it.

On the fourth season we also see Rick but most episodes are focused on everyone else. The last 8 episodes we almost see no Rick. I think that was epic in stature. I learn and care a lot more about everyone else...

But lets start again.. The first three episodes is focused on the survivors trying to deal with post-governor and at the same time deal with a epidemic. A lot of people (non-important people) died.

The fifth to sixth episodes are mainly focused on the Governor. We almost feel pity for him and start realizing that he isn't that bad - there is a part of me that believes that responsibility led him to do that. Then he found a family and try to make them safe. But circumstances made him into another group where he rapidly takes charge. He later on reveals himself as the Governor we once knew... He attacks the prison with a tank and unfortunally on episode 8, Hershell is killed. The Governor is also killed by the same family he swore to protect. Most of the prison attackers are killed with Tara being the exception...  The group, due to the attack also splits up.. 

Episode 9 - Focus on Carl and Michonne as Rick is bed-ridden. Carl finds out that he doesn't hate his father and that is not able to take care of himself like he thinks he is.

Episode 10 - Beth & Daryl in one group. Another group is Tyresse, Lizzie and Mika (both children) and Judith Grimes.  We saw Maggie, Sasha & Bob. We follow Glenn back in the prison and he saves Tara and they met some strangers. Carol saves Lizzie and Mika and Tyresse hugs her (he still doesn't know Carol killed his lover).

Episode 11 & 12 - Glenn and Tara meets some army guys who are going to Washington to save the world (they have a cure). Finally Michonne confides in someone about her past life.

She kills her don't you worry... Heartbreaking...

Episode 13 - It focus on Maggie on one hand with Sasha and Bob. In the other hand it focus on Beth and Daryl that after an incident they separate..

Group 1 - Daryl (another new group of Claimers)
Group 2 - Beth (unknown)
Group 3 - Tyresse, Lizzie, Mika, Judith Grimes and Carol
Group 4 - Michonne, Rick and Carl
Group 5 - Glenn & Tara plus Abraham, Rosita and Eugene 
Group 6 - Maggie, Sasha & Bob

Episode 14 Damn this episode was hard to watch...

The girls are completly messed up... One can't kill a walker and the other won't kill people. After an incident Lizzie kills Mika so she could turn into a zombie to make a point that zombies are that bad...  Tyresse learns that it was Lizzie that killed the rats and fed into the zombies... Later Carol leads Lizzie away and asks her to Look at the Flowers and shots her... They realized that she would not be able to integrate any group after all she is psychopath...

Episode 15
Group 1 - Daryl (another new group called the Claimers)
Group 2 - Beth (unknown)
Group 3 - Tyresse, Judith Grimes and Carol
Group 4 - Michonne, Rick and Carl
Group 5 - Glenn & Tara plus Abraham, Rosita and Eugene plus Maggie, Sasha & Bob

Claimers led by Joe with Tony, Lou, Len, Harley, Dan and Billy. Len was killed because of lying. 

Welcome to Terminus!

Episode 16

The Claimers meet Rick's Group and when they are about to kill them Rick bites Joe's neck killing.. that was AWESOME! Then that new group meets Group 5 after they have been arrested. They are almost all together... Now there are only three groups

Group 1 - Daryl, Michonne, Rick, Carl, Glenn & Tara plus Abraham, Rosita and Eugene plus Maggie, Sasha & Bob
Group 2 - Tyresse, Judith Grimes and Carol
Group 3 - Beth (unknown)

If I had to wait 6 months it would kill me...

There were some very heartbreaking moments.. First Hershell is killed. Then Beth disapears and the incident involving  Lizzie and Mika..
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