In some ways Walking Dead Fifth Season is probably one of the weakest. Well, it started just after the fourth (after arriving at Terminus). They were arrested and all the gang was together. Afterwards they were save by Carol. There was a heartful reunion between the gang and Tyresse, Judith and Carol. We also have some glimpses of Morgan.

Then they meet another character called Father Gabriel. They are reunited with the rest of Terminus residents that turn out to be cannibals. They capture Bob and eat his leg. Bob laughs at it because he had been bitten that day and so it contaminated them.

There is  brief confrontation and Rick and the Gang kill all the cannibals. In the end Tyresse still ridden with sadness because of the girls mercy Bob.

The third episode focus on Beth and a new location in Atalanta. It seems a hospital is running by Officer Dawn Lerner and Dr Steven. They save people and in return that person must pay their "debts" working. They weren't that awful people but a bit misguided. 

Meanwhile the rest of the gang divides. Part of the gang goes to Washighton (because of Eugene plan to save the world which turns out to be a lie). Daryl later saves Noah and Carol is "saved" by the hospital. As they try to make an enchange (Rick had capture some men from the Hospital) Beth does something really really stupid and Dawn accidently kills Beth. Dismayed and horrified Daryl killes Dawn. We later see the rest of the gang really sad around Beth's body (her sister included). 

At this point I was very upset at the writters killing Beth. She was beginning to be one of my favourite characters and they killed her. Daryl changed from this moment on. And I didn't understand her sister decision of going to washighton while her sister was lost. Why did she go? It made no purpose whatsoever.

The next episode (ninth) we see the gang trying to gather themselves and this episode was very sad one as Tyresse dies after being bitten by a zombie and having hallucinations with several other characters that had died before. Very dark and gloomy episode.

The rest of the season is a bit boring in my opinion. The rest of the gang is trying to cope with the losses of Tyresse & Beth. Maggie, Sasha and Daryl mainly. They meet Aaron who leads them to Alexandria, one safe haven since the start. They need the gang because they have outfield experience.

But things don't go the way the expect - The safe haven exist BUT there is some conflict of ideals.  In the end Rick's methods are deem to extreme to the population while dealing with a case of wife-beating. The last scene is the trial of Rick and the wife-beater appears and slashes Reg killing him. Deanna (his wife) who was very keen not to enforce a death penalty concedes to Rick and says kills it. Without hesitation he kills Pete. Morgan then appears.

Morgan, who had saved Daryl and Aaron from a band of walkers. This part is a critique of his actions. He had previous found two guys who wanted to rob and kill him BUT he only beaten them not killing them. Later on those two guys made a trap to kill Aaron and Daryl and later on kill another survivor who Daryl and Aaron was looking for.

Let us see what season 6 brings us... This season was hard to watch because of Beth and Tyresse deaths. They were two of my favourite characters. Daryl and Sasha are heartbroken and may be two very important characters in season 6. Rick's ideals are also being put in question. Another interesting stuff is Carol who has been turning into a psychopath....

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