Audiobook Review: Eye of Vengeance by Graham McNeill

Eye of Vengeance Eye of Vengeance by Graham McNeill
My rating: 2 of 10 stars

Another pointless story.

Eye of Vengeance is a story where the main characters are scouts and not Full Battle Brothers. But that doesn't mean they aren't as good as them. (In this case they are even better). Our, supposedly main character is Torias Telion, a veteran Scout-Sergeant of the Ultramarines who has served under three Chapter Masters and have train most of current crop of space marines.
We can see he has served for several centuries and it's an expert marksman and scout where captains of companies still rever him.

I think, for what I know of Uriel that Telion and Uriel must be best friends. The philosophy of codex is again put in question (as Uriel). It seems two of main figure of the Ultramarines don't like their primarch codex so much... Quite heretic don't you think?

Their mission is to destroy a factory of the Dark Mechanicus priests of the Bloodborn in Quintarn.

1) The plot - Simple and straightforward. I expected a twist or something. It's a Ultramarines story about battle and honour and sacrifice.

2) Telion - A great character but what did he do on this tale? Nothing.

3) Money - I pay a lot for this. More than a regular novel and I got nothing in return. A weak short story that wouldn't be selected to an omnibus edition of the best tales of Black Library 40k.

1) The Ultramarines codex. I enjoy hearing this novel because Telion is not our "normal" ultramarine. He thinks for himself. A bit of Uriel as I said before but...

2)The Audiobook itself. The narration is good even if a bit simplistic in Telion voice. I expected a gruff voice but... (It's the problem with audiobooks. You imagine something and get other).

Side Notes
There aren't any sidenotes. Just the money I spend and won't get it back. Damn you.

Final Thoughts
Telion is a bad ass. Telion squad is better than full battle brothers. Telion don't adhere to the codex.

Advisable 3/10
None. Only a hardcore fan of ultramarines or someone with money. Believe me. It's not worth the €15. If you want to know what happened read here (view spoiler)

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