Book Review: Biohazard by Tim Curran

Biohazard Biohazard by Tim Curran
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

A fast paced apocalpytic novel about a world were a nuclear war devastated the world. I really am enjoying the scenary that Curran describes. The first couple dozen pages are easily one of the best introductions I read in apocalpytic novel. It gives a magnitude that all is death or dying and the gore just fill the pages.

There are also amazing new beings fruit of nuclear fallout or even the description of the plagues. Tim Curran had a great imagination and gives us a bleak scenario. From page one he gets us into the turmoil that it's the life of our main character.

There are also some interesting beasts called the Children or Corpse worm (giant maggots) or even the Scabs (mutants).

The Red Rain is also a side effect of all nuclear fallout and the thing that it's calling Rick (our main character) called The Shape. As they travel west the book gets quick and quicker. The Shape is really a sick.. thingy that desires a human sacrifice.

Along came Janie (the new love of our "Hero") and two guys called Carl and Texas Clim who are always messing with one another. The images and beings that populated this radiated planet are very interesting and... vivid.

"Will you scream whhen I take Janie, your sweet little cherry away from you? Or will you barter for your own miserable life as her flesh blackens with the pox, as she drowns in a yellow sea of her own infected waste and diseased blood bursts from her pores and she vomits out the black slime of her own liquified intestines?" -- Hmm.. it reminds me of Nurgle of the Warhammer World:)"

Some imaginery. This writer really can write good (in a sort of twisted way) about death, virus, pestilance and such other niceties... Unfortunately the story is falling in a repetition phase. Kill, move city, new monsters, kill them and them move city."

As the journey ends what did we learn? Life is fvcked up there. We are the lions or we are dead (or worse). So the question remains... What is The Shape? Maybe as Price said is the ultimate cosmic chaos born of nuclear fision. And what is the thing that follows them? Are they team up for a reason? Maybe SOMEONE or SOMETHING got a plan? Or are they marching to death?

The ending is quite good. (view spoiler)

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