Book Review: Bloodquest : Prisoners of the Eye of Terror by Ben Counter

Bloodquest : Prisoners of the Eye of Terror Bloodquest : Prisoners of the Eye of Terror by Ben Counter
My rating: 4 of 10 stars

Hmm I have a mix feeling about this novel.

On one side I really liked the Blooquest Graphic Novel. It was one of my first insights on the Blood Angels and Space Marines in general. In the other hand I hope that the graphic novel had a new chapter. The search of Leonatos. When I heard about this audiobook I thought that was it. the continuation of that story but... I was mistaken.

This tale is set between two of those three books and that is always a problem. It can felt cheap and without purpose. In the end my mind was saying, "ok nice audiobook but was it really necessary?" Of course not. The milking cow of money is the best friend of the companies.

Some spoilers ahead...

Our Captain Leonatos and the three remaining space marines while travelling through the desert of Eidolon find a Prison where the banner of a IG Regiment is flowing. They try, nay, they save them for a living nightmare and escape to a oasis. While there they find a cave and the Space Marines are trap and the IG reveals themselves not so friendly because of ancient war where too many IG man fought and died alongside the BA and they attributed them the fault of the IG demise.
Too far fetch to my liking but okay.

Too many IG die each day in the name of Emperor. If all of them would rebel Terra would have fallen already.

In the end I enjoy the audiobook but knowing now the plot and the money I spend to get it I wouldn't have bought it. It has a weak plot and without any repucursions to our big tale. Nothing.

Advisable to whom?
To anyone who really really enjoys BL books and BA afficionados. To everyone else - not worth the money.

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