This month was truly awesome. Without compare.  More than 10 shows per day (312).

It was very poor in terms of movies but in terms of animes & TV Series I broke both records.

226 Animes
83 TV Series
3 Movies

TV Series
I finish the 4th and 5th Walking Dead Season ; I also finish The 100 first season. Black Mirror and Residue mini series (Both first season) & 3% a Brazilian TV Series from netflix. I also start and finish A Series of Unfortunate Events (Season 1).

For June, I will try finish Colony, Dark Mirror & The Night Manager and maybe The Man in the High Castle, Killjoys & The Man in the High Castle. Will start also a couple of other Series I have laying around. 

Oh, lets not forget Dr Who which I am now at the fourth doctor.

In terms of animes, as I am watching around 25 animes from this season I watch all the episodes that came in May. I also finish some other animes - Onihei; Acca13; Hetalia Season 1 & 2; Another and Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (One anime that made the entry to my top 10).

June will be a busy month since is the end of a season so there will be a lot of animes that I will finish. I also start watching Jigoku Shoujo (1 Season); and Natsume Yuujinchou (Season 1) and I am at three episode from the end of the first season of Uchouten Kazoku. After a rough start this anime ended up quite good.

I don't expect June to be as good as May. There were some circustances... But I hope to make to 200 shows... I would love to watch 8 per day.... or something like that.

In terms of books, I must say it was also quite good. I read Shamanslayer & Zombieslayer - both from Black Library and finish reading Konosuba (Light Novel) and finish Prey by Michael Crichton. I am currently reading Is it wrong to pick up girls in a Dungeon Vol2.

All in all, excelent month! I must say that if you want you can do anything. I thought I Had no time because of work and child and such but I am learning to take advantage of every single moment I have... So far it's working.

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