Book Review: Outpost by Adam Baker

Outpost Outpost by Adam Baker
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

A good zombie novel that focus mainly in the interaction between the characters.

We start this story in a oil rig in the artic so there aren't any zombies but scant information about the zombie outbreak in the planet. As it progress they search a way to survive the winter and then go to europa or canada afterwards.

The book has some slow pace in the beginning but it ends with a fast pace narrative. I was impressed by this.

Flamethrowers in the artic (The Thing anyone?)

I really enjoy the mission in the luxury liner and the question or where it all began. This time they hint that it's a space born plague after discovering a USSR space module with a zombie in it.

The characters as I said before are good. I like the stories behind them, the ministry, the sikh, the usurper and a couple others.

The ending in my opinion is one of the reasons I rarely don't give 5 stars to a zombie novel. I enjoy the ending on this one but a bit predictable. I already knew it was ending the way it ended.

Unfortunally or not, it leaves us a open ending that will continue. As I search there is a second book that came out but besides being on the same world the characters are differents. Let us see. Probably this will leave us with a third book where all characters will join up. I really want to read it. Just waiting for the masspaper back release.

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