Anime Review: Quanzhi Fashi (Full-Time Magister) (Fall 2016)

This anime came out of the blue. I was trying to get QuanZhi Gao Shou (Full-Time Expert, The King's Avatar) and I found this anime. I was very intrigued since both had the word Quanzhi (which means it seems full-time) and both were Chinese. So I start watching and four days later I had finish it.  I would have watched it sooner BUT it’s the end of the season and a lot of animes to be watch.

This anime is totally different from Quanzhi gao shou. One deals with online gamers and this one deals with magicians.  Full Time Expert was made by G. CMay Animation & Film and Full Time Magister (Shanghai Foch Film Culture Investment). Both with good ratings on MAL - Expert with 8.20 and Magister 7.76

In this world, people awake magic powers that come from various elements. Each person has one power and the High School basically teach these youngsters to learn more about magic. 
What’s interesting is our MC Fan Mo who three months before awoke into a different world he lived. In this world magic exists – This unfortunally is never really dwelt upon. It seems everything happened as in the world who had no magic except that. 

Well I am getting side-tracked – before the awakening, our MC had done some things that make his papa in a bad position. Supposedlly he escape with a girl because she wanted ask him – unfortunally her father thinks he kidnap with intentions of elope with her.

After the awakening he enters the high school, his father had to sell his house,  and he awakes a fire elemental – he also awoke a lightning elemental but hides from everyone else, only showing it to a girl who is in a wheelchair after saving her (we never learn very much about who she is – supposedly is his adopted sister?).

The twelve episodes we learn more and more about how the magic works – first the awakening, then the 7 stars – then learning a level 1 skill then the 2 and finally the 3 skill. They also say it’s pretty hard to cast spells but only after a couple of months Mo Fan and the main rival both are level 1.
Meanwhile, they are tested on their skills and Mo Fan gets into fight with the father of the girl he saved insulting him. He then makes him duel his adopted son and considerably the best mage in school. As the episodes flow we learn more about his motifs and motivations and evolution of dual wielding culminating in a final battle where he shows everyone he can dual wield the two most powerful elementals. 

In this series, only our MC gets enough time to evolve. Most other characters are just what they are Secondary Characters.  To me that’s okay because with 15/18 minute episode and with 3 year span there isn’t enough time to dwelt on other characters – which also can lead to discontent to some people BUT this MC is quite good.

About the art and animation…. Well I watch a 480p version so it might be because of that but it’s not that interesting animation/cgi. Some characters look alike (even the air) and most girls have also the same body… configuration. There is a teacher with big boobs than we see them bounce (probably the only fan-service available). The fighting scenes are not that great in terms of fluid motion. 
The sound is there – basically. The characters all have the same timbre of voice BUT probably that’s because they are Chinese and not Japanese which I am used and can hear the different between them.
The music is ok. Nothing interesting… unless you can count on the music from rocky. 
In some episodes, we also have some glimpses of something akin comedy. But not overdo.

Story 6/10
World Building 7/10
Character Building 6/10
Animation/Art 4/10
Sound 4/10
Enjoyment 7/10 
Overall 7/10

Overall I enjoy the series and I am eagerly waiting a second season. I only hope they expand more our MC and the side characters. I also hope to learn about the world around them.


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