TV SERIES: Fear of the Walking Dead Season 1,2

Fear the Walking Dead

First Episode
The story begins with a young teen (Nick -18yo) in bed trying to discern what is happening since he wake up alone... He finds his girlfriend eating someone and escapes the villa. He is then hit by a car.

Later on, Madison learns that her son has been hit by a car and heads to the hospital. Travis stays at the hospital with Nick while Madison goes to work (councilor teacher). She helps some boy called Tobias which tells her that he is carrying a knife to protect himself from something the government is not talking about. Death's in five states and stories about living dead.

After learning that Nick was drugging himself on a church Travis goes there to see it. He finds a lot blood - more than any person could sustain and does nothing? Damn that's plausible. And Madison doesn't even care... " A lot of bad things happen there... stabbing and shooting" Why call the police?

Afterwards Nicks escapes and Madison & Travis goes search for him at the church. Again, a lot of blood but nobody calls the police. Afterwards the TV shows the first "documented" case of the walking dead. Afterwards the school is closed after many students became absent.

Later Nick is led by Cal under a bridge where he tries to kill him. Cal accidently shots Nick. He then tells his mother and Travis about the accident. When they go the place Calvin's car is there but not Cal's body. They think he is crazy but didn't they found odd that Calvin's car was there with his door opened and a gun in the floor? They find Calvin and Nick runs him over after he try to bite his mother.

But he doesn't died...

This is the first episode basically. I will not be spending much time on each other episode.

Characters from the First Episode
Madison Clark (Mother of Nick & Stacy) - Teacher
Stacy (Alicia's Daughter)
Nick (Alicia's Son)

Travis Manawa (step-father of Stacy & Nick)
Christopher (Travis's Son)
Liza Ortiz (Travis Mother)

Tobias - School boy

Calvin - Nick's friend
Matt - Alicia's boyfriend

Second Episode - Madison tries to struggle to help her son withdrawal and goes to the school to find some medication. There she finds Tobias who says that this is not going to pass. The both of them are force to kill an undead Artie (the principal).

Meanwhile Travis tries to save his son and gets into the city where they barricate themselves with a El Salvador family. 

As some of the episodes of the walking dead, it's pretty slow moving... My question is: Why don't they talk about what've seen?? Why the fuck they don't tell their children about the undead?? This is fucking stupid...

Fourth & Fifth episode
Unlike the Walking Dead this one begins before the chaos and during the initial days of the chaos. Unlike Walking Dead we never get to see what happened to the army. Supposedly they died and such BUT it's never confirmed it after all America is pretty big. At the same time we never get to see the rest of the world.

Here we get to see the Military being the evil organization doing the "things" that must be done to overcome everything.  Liza Ortiz was bitten and then Travis kills her

The last episode we get to see some couple characters like Victor Strand as well. I wonder why the government was keeping undead inside a football stadium. Odd and a bit of deus-ex-machina.

Season 2 - Survivors (Families)

Madison Clark (Mother of Nick & Stacy) - Teacher
Alicia  (Madison's Daughter)
Nick (Madison's Son)

Travis Manawa (step-father of Stacy & Nick)
Christopher (Travis's Son)

Daniel Salazar (El Salvadoran refugee)
Ofelia Salazar (daughter of Daniel)

Victor Strand(Survivor kind of guy)

The second season I didn't do a step by step but overall review.

Well the first season it sounded a bit different from Walking Dead. Everything seemed different BUT in the second season sometimes I thought that X or Y person in FOTWD is very akin to other WD character.

I think maybe because in the first season of WD is already months ahead of the beginning so people were already conscious of everything. In FOTWD is something new to everyone.

This season they went to Mexico, by Victor request. They had several problems inbetween both in the water and afterwards. Several intense battles.

Nick went one way helping a group of survivors in a close village where he befriends a woman. Travis and Chris separate from them after Chris try to hurt both Madison and Alycia. While the rest of the gang go to a hotel where they also befriend some people who where taking refugee there. 

In the last couple episodes Chris separates from his father to go with some american guys while Travis finds Madison and Alycia. Meanwhile the guys Chris was travelling also arrive at the hotel demanding care and telling that Chris had perish. But after they tell how it happened Travis knew they had killed him (previously they had no problem killing one of their friends).

Travis goes into a rampage and kills them both but hurt another survivor who later dies. His brother wants to have revenge and when he was killing Travis and Alycia drives a knife killing him. Later they escape the Hotel (Travis, Madison and Alycia) while Victor stay behind.

In the end the village Nick was was evacuated and they headed to the boarder where they were attacked by army man (para-military of some sorts). Travis, Madison and Alyicia learn of Nick whereabouts and the episode ends while they are heading for the border as well.

- Travis is the character who doesn't want to lose faith of humanity but in the end of episode 15 of season 2 is driven to kill two humans that were responsable of his son death.

- Madison is Rick's counterpart but WD he had more time to ponder his actions and turning into a grey area of moral conduct. Madison when her sons are in danger quickly makes avaiable her animal insticts.

- Alycia is a character that in the beginning is a bit insecure doubting everying and almost in denial but as the second season progress she turns more determined to to anything to help her own family (althought feeling deeply remorsed by her actions). 

- Nick is just a cry-baby. Drug addicted, believes the dead are not to be killed and most of time blends covering himself of blood. Althought he kills the dead if needed. As I said drug-addicted turn messiah.

- Victor was an unknown but it seemed everything he did or do was to be together with his lover - but unfortunally he died. He had the chance to kill himself but chicked out.

- Ofelia is captive of some paramilitary kind of guy(s?).

Overall Thoughts
One interesting bit was the technique used of painting oneself in blood. In WD you watch that same technique how many times? Twice? Here is all around and everyone does it. It's like common knowledge.

Another interesting bit was that in WD they had problems with zombies pilling up in the fence but in FOTWD they had no problems whatosever - The zombies didn't even pile up against it. While in WD they did (probably WD the zombies had more hunger...)

There are some differences in both shows and I preffer WD, no doubt about it. The characters in FOTWD are copies of WD. The only ones I am interested is Alycia and Victor.

There are also 2 episodes that were web-released both not encompassing 20m. One is set in a aeroplane and another set in the border between mexico and usa.


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