Anime Review: Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World) (Summer 2017)

This show is going down because I really don’t understand where it’s going. Basically it’s about a restaurant that once per week travels to other dimension and serves food to very particular people. I really don’t know where this is going. On mal the rating is on 7.22. I really doubt it can stay that high…

o From: Silver Link.
o Theme:  Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy

My Opinion
This anime was boring episode after episode. I nearly gave up several times but I really didn’t wanna gave up because I thought the show could go somewhere – but it didn’t. 

Basically you’ve got a chef that has a restaurant that every Saturday is close on our earth and the magical door opens in several worlds in several places. Each episode is self contain. There is no plot whatsoever or no character building. Basically each episode is divided in two. Each segment is independent although some characters appear in several segments. In the end after 12 episodes we learn how delicious are 24 recipes. 

My Advice
Boring anime that tries to combine two genres that are growing fast in the industry - Isekai (Basically a person or persons transported into another universe – usually fantastic) and Food. So if you enjoy one or the other or both go right ahead. Supposedly on MAL it has a rating of 7.38. Don’t understand why.. The Art is fine at least… 

Story (Plot) 4
Art / Animation         6
Sound 6
World Building 6
Character Building 4
Enjoyment 4
Overall   5

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