Anime Review: Yamishibai 5th Season (Summer 2017) OCTOBER HORROR FEST (01)

This is my first entry to this year October Horror Fest. A season I try to watch 31 horror movies/series or/and animes. Last Year I watch 32 Movies butI wanted to change a bit... 

Here is my last year review 

First of all, it's not that good in my opinion and it's not very frightful in my opinion. The stories are 5m short and each one is independent on the other one although the last episode usually connects with the opening sequence in each episode.

Give it to me is one of the best stories.  Basically a young girl wants something from a stranger and asks her. She gives it, first is a lipstick then a pendant, then the boyfriend and lastly her life.

Hide and Seek and Crow Children are more traditional horror stories about children playing and getting more than they are looking... curiosity killed the cat no?

The Neighbors is about a young teen living in her new apartment but hearing scratching noises from the next door - I can see this one being a full length movie.

If you want to see ghosts - is one that I have seen before I Think but she was blind and got a new pair of eyes (not eyes but the membrane - don't know the name) and she starts to see ghosts.

A good collection but nothing too frightful as I said. Since the art style is the amalgamation of still images - without animation (or at least very few animation) - I think this is based on kamishibai - so it's a choice not low-budget.

A good addition to the previous 4 seasons. Watch it if you want to try horror stories or if you have 5m for spare.

Rating 4/10

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