Movie Review: Bed of the Dead (2016) October Horror Fest (13)

This movie was strange. Basically two couples wanna  have some fun together - and by fun I mean sex!  Unfortunately (for them and us) it doesn't go that well and they end up only sleeping in a big bed. That bed, we got that from the beginning of the movie is made of a tree that was used to hang/kill someone.

After a while weird things start to happen and we get to see a second timeline (several hours afterwards). The movie itself is not good or that interesting I must say. It isn't even that scary in my humble opinion. 

Basically it's a mix of horror with time travelling where it seems you can change the past...

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Two Main characters
- No nudity that I can remember
- Happy ending (if you can say that...) not that bad.


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