Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods - October Horror Fest (1)

This is a Cthuluesque kind of horror with a mix of slasher. 

Basically a group of friends go to a house to have a good time. As they dwell on it something (a monster) appears and ruins their escapade.

 At the same time as the movie progress we follow some technicians who are controling the group.

After a while we understand that that "tech" group is one of dozen groups around the world that unleash a monster (the group basically do something that unleashes it) and then hell breaks loose. 

There is some rules and such.

By the end of the movie we learn that basically there are ancient beings beneath the earth (think Cthulhu and such) and they have a truce with humankind but for that to happen every year they  must satiate themselves with blood - Big Brother but with deaths. There is also a pattern (or a trope if you want - like first the bitch, then the jockey and so on).

Role the dice... Which monster are you fighting tonight?
This movie is a satire on horror genre. First they use a lot of common themes on horror and put it together. Like in all horror movies there are always a girl who is a "bitch"; there is also a "pure or virgin", a "jockey" a "goof-a-around" and a "Geek". 

The other thing is the monsters. When they arrive at the tech facility there are a lot of monsters. Well another thing is the ending - It emulates the fiction of Cthulhu. There is no happy ending. There is a doom-esque situation - basically they were all supposed to died but one of them didn't and the giants (that's how they call them) appear destroying all the house with one hand (basically they are gigantic and green 

If I went to a house this far out, mist all around - I would think it that I was in a horror movie...
Excellent movie to start my October Horror Fest.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female main Protagonist
- Boobs for 5 or 6 seconds
- Not an happy ending


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