Movie Review: A Dark Song - October Horror Fest (9)

Sophia is a grieving woman who cannot overcome the death of her son. Her son was abducted and killed by a group of teenagers. She asks the help of Solomon (an occultist) to perform a long rite called Abramelin (Kabbalistic grimoire) where you can summon a guardian angel.

Basically she wants to enlist the help of her angel to exact revenge on the killers of her son.

Most movie (1h) focus on the process of the ritual itself. From drawing of images in the ground to eating of particular things and so on. 

Solomon is not a patient man and gets upset with  Sophie and I think at times he even tries to  take advantage of her. One time he asks her to undress so he can masturbates as he looks at her.

As the story progress they clash several times and in one of them Solomon is killed. Afterwards she tries to leave the house but realize she cannot. 

She is confronted by a demonlike creature that possessed Solomon and finally she meets with her Guardian Angel who talks to her (although we do not understand it). She then asks for power to forgive. 

Sophia then leaves the house and the movie ends.

It's a very nice movie interesting features - an independent movie, but ultimately to me, I say again - to me, it failed to convince me because the movie takes place as they make the rituals that take months. Although
 they said ok so five days now for this and a week for that and so on - it failed to make an impression in me. The same happens with food and their appearance doesn't change at all...

BUT I think it has a strong lesson- one which all people just abide - to forgive... but to me it's wrong. That's the christian way. Being a Irish movie set in wales I thought they would go dwell on those countries celtic old ways... but alas they did not. If someone murdered my son - I I could ever forgive them. An accident? Mayhaps but cold murder? Never... That christian crap of forgive to be at peace - bah...

Fun Spoiler Facts
How far would you go to see your child?
- Female Protagonist
- Boobs (5 seconds or so)

- Happy Ending ? If you are a Christian - maybe...


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