Movie Review: Ghost House (2017) October Horror Fest (10)

This one was one of my favorite of the seasons. As you all figure it out by now - I enjoy Asian Horror. Well this is not one of them BUT it's set on Asian - Thailand to be precise.

Basically a couple is on holidays in Thailand and as good american they make fun of local customs - in this case in Thailand they have some small houses (think bird houses) and give offering to them. This way the ghosts are please and never enter their houses. An English man scams them into stealing from one of those houses. From that moment on the american lady is stricken down by something. This are the first 30m. The american lady turns into a crazy lady  as she is haunted by ghosts. Meanwhile we follow the american man as he tries to understand on what is happening since medicine is proven ineffective. He later learns that he has only a couple of days or else she is going to died. Unless he do what the English man did to them (his wife had being seeing ghosts) his wife is going to died. Basically "pass" the ghost to other person.

He tries to scam a couple of fellows but at last second he couldn't do it.

He finally discovers another way of saving his bride. This everything had the help of Thai man. In the end (last 15m) there is a supernatural confrontation which was really good. 

In the end I really like the movie. Solid Horror.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male and Female Protagonist
- Side Boobs - 3/5 seconds or so
- Happy Ending - but as most horror novels making us think that there is a possibility of a second movie. Basically another american couple buys one of those ghost houses and bring it to USA.
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