Movie Review: Man VS - October Horror Fest (5)

This is a tale about a man who likes to challenge nature. Basically if you watch those shows on National Geographic about a man being left in a wild area and must survive for several days. Nothing to extraordinary there.

It was interesting to watch that, like probably, in those NG shows sometimes not everything is recorded. Sometimes they must resort to a little cheating... Who knows?

Well, after a couple of days in the wild explaing us some interesting techniques something crashes on the lake and starts stalking him. At first he thinks it's a bear or a wolf then he realizes it's something else. We get to see some glimpses of something in his cameras. After the fourth day he gives up because he is really scared and he seen something odd - an ET.

We get to see him battle the ET and finally arriving  at the camp where the rest of the crew was. He then learns that aliens have invaded earth and destroy almost every city. He vows that he must go to find his wife and child... 

Probably a new movie on the making? I don't know if it is needed...

Well about my thoughts.... It is not a good movie that you would love to watch a second time. It's not even a movie you would advice anyone to watch unless they like those NG shows. It's not a show to watch if someone asks you they want to watch alien invasion movie... It's a show to watch if it is on TV and that's it... Don't go looking for it.  

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Main Character

- There is a scene where his wife shows her boobs and he watches it on his phone - barely 3 seconds or so.
- Open ending. Not that bad because he is alive and his family can be alive BUT aliens invaded earth and destroy most cities... so...
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