Movie Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil - October Horror Fest (8)

Ouija Origin of Evil 2016 is a prequel to Ouija made 2 or 3 years ago. 

It is set in late 1960's and a woman (Alice) is a psychic who tries to help other people withe seances... but all is  a scam that she do with the help of her two children.

After a while Lina starts playing with a Ouija Board and afterwards Doris (the younger child)  begin talking with her father (who had passed away months before). But nothing is what it seems... With the help of a Priest (from her children school) Lina and Alice are trying to understand what come over Doris because she started writing in Polish and knowing stuff she could not possible know.

I must say that most movie is scary and I really enjoy it. Mike Flanagan is a great director (I've watch several of his movies like Oculus, Before I wake and Hush. All of them are very good spooky horror flicks...

That's why I watch this one. This is very rare for me - watching movies because of a director. One of the next movies I am going to watch is Gerald's Game (and it is a Stephen King story so it's a must). The Haunting of Hill House is another TVseries I am eagerly waiting (coming in 2018).

Well it was a really interesting movie as I said and scary. The end was scary but predictable...

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female(s) Protagonist
- No nudity whatsoever

- Ending? Not happy at all...

Just another thing... How to drive away a guy from hitting on your sister (or daughter)

Doris Zander: Wanna hear something cool?
Mikey: Sure.
Doris Zander: Do you know what it feels like to be strangled to death? First, you feel the pressure in your throat. Your eyes wate
r, and you start to taste something 
very, very sour in your mouth. Then it's like someone lights a match right in the middle of your chest, and that fire grows. It fills your lungs, and your throat, and all the way behind your eyes. And finally, that fire turns to ice; like pins and needles of ice are sticking into your fingers, your toes, your arms. You see stars, then darkness. And the last thing you feel... is cold.
[Mikey looks confused and horrified]
Doris Zander: [smiles] Goodnight, Romeo.


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