Movie Review: Rabbit Horror - October Horror Fest (7)

This is why I don't eat rabbit....
Rabbit Horror is a psychadelic Horror. If that exist somehow.  A boy kills a dying rabbit out of mercy but other boys don't understand that and taunt him. The boy then starts watching a giant rabbit (costume) where he plays with the rabbit but also some scary psychedelic shit.

Our main character is mute which turns this movie even more weirder and scary. I will say you this... This is Alice in the Wonderland made in Japan as a horror story. Unless you are really paying attention this movie will be very confusing. 

There are some flashbacks as we follow the life of Kiriko as she meets her stepmother and she kills her (althought unwillingly). From this moment on they are chased and taunted by a big stuffed rabbit.

After a while things get even weirder and you start question yourself and the director. When the movie ended I thought to myself... Yeah... What? Fvck! I didn't understand that ending. Who was dreaming? The father? The Boy? The girl? The rabbit? Me? What a heck man... You almost drove me insane with the last 20m.

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Female Protagonist
- No nudity whatsoever
- Ending? I really, honestly, don't know.... 

But true to be told it was a nice movie. Maybe if I watch it a second time...

Btw, there are some parts in 3D. Cool
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