Movie Review: Instant Death (2017)

This movie was a waste of time  - Imagine Rambo (the first one) but in England ; imagine Rambo on a quest of hate and revenge killing all that stand in his way - and you've got here a weak piece of crap.

Basically a guy returns from the army to her daughter house (and granddaughter) after being away for several years (so much years we do not know but probably many. As he arrives he witness a crime from a drug dealer and kills two of his men. Afterwards the drug dealer (who is a sadistic pig) kills his granddaughter and stabs his daughter in both eyes.

Afterwards the man goes berserk and reveals to be Rambo (better I might say) and starts killing left and right. Most enemies he kills are rather stupid because they run with their weapons on the ground - I think he killed more than 20 guys and probably none fired back. The only one that did (a machine gun man) could not hit him - even without any cover and 20 paces apart. 

In the last sequence after he have killed a lot of enemies with guns (shotgun and pistols) he starts a fist fight with the rest (10 or so) -WHY?? WHERE WERE THEIR GUNS? ARE THEY KNIGHTS WHO FIGHT FAIR?

Enfin, a crappy movie
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