Movie Review: Let Her Out (2017) October Horror Fest (24)

Let Her Out is a cliche of a movie I must say. 

So basically you've got this pretty girl who gets into an accident and a new personality appears... But basically it isn't really a personality but another thing... The medic thinks that his mother had twin sisters but one of them didn't survive and instead of one being absorbed by her mother (she was a hooker) the genetic materials went inside her and thus the evil twin sister was born...

After the accident as I said she lapses time and do things that she is not aware. Interesting the medic says that they can treat that with a procedure but alas the girl says "She must think about it"

Killing person she loves, writing stuff on mirror like "I am coming..." does not spook her to make the procedure... The it began to be a bit more supernatural with the sister really "Coming" out of her...

Nevertheless it is a cliche movie since I get the feeling that I've watch it before. It's not a contender for best horror movie award buw watchable...

Funny Spoiler Facts
- Female characters
- Some nudity (in the beginning)

- Happy Ending (but not for the main character)
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