Movie Review: Occult (2009) October Horror Fest (27)

Occult is a Japanese movie mostly done in a single camera take. Well basically there is a group of journalists that want to understand more about a killing two years back.

As they interview persons to better understand the killer they meet with a homeless guy that says that ever since he's got some sort of magic powers. From this moment on they start to document him.

The all movie was really interesting - it seemed I was watching a documentary focally on some homeless jobless guy.

The last 20m ou 30m we understand a little better the homeless guy - basically he receives some-kind of visions/orders from some dark ancient being and he must follow it.

Something like a Cthulhu-esque being is controlling it and we get some glimpses of it (badly made I must say). In the end he sacrifices exploding himself in what he thought it was the will of the ancient being. Before doing it he says to the documentary guy that he would give some signal that he went to another place... 

The guy with the camera is arrested, after all he knew everything that he was going to do and was released 20 years later (or so) and went to eat at some place (they use to go) and talk with another of his colleagues... As they were eating a camera drops from out of nowhere with a coin that the exploding man had..

It was very interesting movie I will say BUT it has it's fault - being low budget the actors and the special effects were bit weak. But the story was very good... 

Fun Spoiler Facts
- Male Protagonist
- No Nudity
- Interesting Ending - Not happy ending


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