Anime Review: Memories (1995)

This is a movie produced in 1995 and it's a compilation of three stories.

Magnetic Rose
The first one (and the longest) is a sci-fi space exploration story, called Magnetic Rose, and it's about a group of people who are inbound to a graveyard of spaceships to rescue someone.
As two guys go one of those spaceships they start seeing stuff that's in not there. It's very bleak experience as they traveled in the ship. It correlates with the title because that ship was made so a woman wouldn't forget about her life - but it turn to something wicked. 

Stink Bomb
The second story it's called Stink Bomb and it's a dark comedy that I cannot phantom where it connects to the "Memories".  Basically the plot is set in a scientific station where people are developing drugs - but one of those drugs unfortunally has a side effect and as guy eats one of the pills, everybody in the lab dies. He then adverts the Laboratory HQ which tells him to return those papers to him. As he travels to Tokyo, where he passes a mist appears and everyone dies. 

All SDF forces attack to no avail because it seems the mist also has some side effect that disrupt electrical stuff. It's very dark But comic at the same time.

Cannon Fodder
The third story called Cannon Fodder could connect to Memories but it's very far-fetched. Basically it's a story about a city (communist distopia feeling) where everyone works to fire cannons. From the men who handle the cannons, and the women who make shells and the children who learn their trade. It's very 1984 feeling because they are attacking some other nation that it's never seen or hinted. We only know it's a moving city. But it's a very good tale. The animation is not to everyone liking but I really enjoy it.

All three are great stories, unfortunately, I don't understand who two of them connect to the title BUT that's potatoes.

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