Anime Review: Sword Art Online Season I (Summer 2012)

Well this was a ride and I might say it was a boring one. I am not a hater of the show like most of the community is BUT I am not a fan. There are a lot of reviews that give it a 9 or 10 rating which I cannot fully understand because there are so bad stuff in it.

First of all lets talk about Asuka - She is a top player in SAO but after meeting with Kirito she basically serves as a cook and dame in waiting in the last 10 episodes. This was character killing right here and there. Good looking, charming a bit tsundere in the beginning I really thought she good be a excelent waifu BUT alas... the writer had plans to but Kirito as a HERO (all caps locks - so tough luck Asuka).

Then Kirito - yeah lets start here. Talk about overpowering character in anime. There are worst out there - like in Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku or Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni. I know SAO is older but I hope the anime industry realizes that this doesn't work. Overpowerful characters don't make them more interesting. He has almost no personality but everything he tries to do - he do. And he also can have a harem but at least in this show he choose one and married her.

Now the plot - so basically 10,000 people are trapped in a game (I can live with it) but still live in the real life (I can live with it as well)  and the first two episodes are pretty good I might say - it took my heart BUT then it broke my heart without any remorse. Some side stories to give Kirito that air of self-remorse that appears from time to time but then more fillers about how he falls in love with Asuka and after one or two episodes we meet Asuka the fighter she becomes Asuka the cooker.

Then the final fight - deus-ex machina PLUS Kirito the invicible it ends and he awakes after several years in the game (at least he didn't grew and the muscles could rapidly move and he returns home to his sister - another anime the parents are non-existent).  So basically the plot advances where another game pop out but this one people aren't trapped.

IT seems Asuka is trapped in that game along 300 people. And it seems people still play that game and enjoy it (how? why? - the government really preoccupies about people...). We also learn that Asuka is being married (while asleep) with one of the father's workman who btw is the second villain of the anime series - which btw suck. One created the world to understand one thing but then afterwards soon forgets the reason (after all 2 or 3 years have passed) and the second one is psychotic and really so comically evil that I fight it hard not to express smile everytime I saw him.

The rest of characters, basically all women want to have sex with him (apart from that they are really pointless). 

Enjoyment? Well I had some. I watch it and I am going to watch the second season & this new sequel that don't evolve Kirito and Asuka - I hope it's better!

There are a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense and are really pointless - their virtual "daughter"; the other male characters which appears from time to time are just there with no real personality. I can't understand why people rank it 9/10. I really can't. Unless they are like High School DxD main character and want to be a Harem King but this time they choose one and keep the others. But no fan service so don't worry. 

This a show to watch if you want a simple anime set in a virtual world with not much to think about it... 5/10

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