Review: Star Wars

Being a fan of Star Wars I read that the Star Wars (the first or fourth) was a bit different novel than the movie. I had to read it. Thinking back I enjoyed the book greatly. It brought several things new to me. Unfortunally I read the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and I learn nothing new. Seeing that the Phantom Menace had Terry Brooks and the Attack of the Clones had R A Salvatore I try reading them. They were worthless. Again Revenge of the Sith. They weren't bad mind me. But I learn nothing new. I read this six books in one month.

Well at least the only thing good was that it made me wonder of other books in the Star Wars Universe. I read Star Wars: Death Troopers two years later. You can find a review here. And I read the Death Star here.

I've already bought two books in a trilogy with Bane. They are focuse on the Sith. I expect them to be good. The reviews say they are.

Besides this trilogyh I have no great love for the Star Wars Universe unless Darth Vader is in. Of all realms I usually wonder this is the one I love the least. Bah... You can't love them all can you?
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