Review: Dragonslayer - William King

Title Dragonslayer
Author William King
Publisher Black Library
Year 2000
Stand Alone or series Series (4 book in 12 books so far)
Pages 288
Rating 10/10
Reading Time 16 days (October/November 2007)

Dragonslayer is the latest epic instalment in the death-seeking saga of Gotrek and Felix. After the daring exploits of Daemonslayer, the fearless duo find themselves pursued by the insidious and ruthless skaven-lord, Grey Seer Thanquol. Dragonslayer sees the fearless Slayer and his sworn companion back aboard an arcane Dwarf airship in a search for a golden hoard and its deadly guardian.

Review / VerdictWilliam King is indeed one of the best writers I had the pleasure of reading. All his books were done greatly. Great plots. Great characters. Great situations. Great evil doers. It was excelent. This great series began in Trollslayer, then Skavenslayer and Daemonslyer. I also reviewed the fifth book Beastslayer. As you can see all books have a rating of 9 or 10. So this tells us something no?

Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson is a dwarf on a death quest. He roams the land searching for the mightiest of evils to fight and slay until he is finally rewarded with a glorious death that will long be remembered and talked about for generations to come. Felix Jaegor is sworn to accompany the Slayer, however long it takes, even though it could end in his own death. Should he survive, it will be Felix's job to record and report the heroic dwarf's many battles, as well as how Gotrek fell in combat. This book continues just after Daemonslayer. It's not imperative you read it but you will only enjoy reading it.

This tale they are after mighty dragon Skjalandir that has awaken after centuries of sleep. Being a novel of Gotrek of course the dragon was not the only enemy. Orcs are massing and attacking the olde world by the hand of the orc leader Ugrek Manflayer and of course Grey Seer Thanquol, skaven) and Lurk want revenge against their arch enemies. This novel brings not only several battles and comic situations with the dwarves there is as well a love situation between Ulrika, Felix and Max the magician. The ending is pretty darn interesting... The one who kill the dragon was not Gotrek but Felix. The sword he carries has some interesting qualitites. If this was dungeons and dragons the sword would be something like Dragonslayer +5 or something like that.
In the end I enjoy the book. This one along with Daemonslayer and Skavenslayer are the best books in the warhammer universe. View the covers. Go read it. NOW!
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