Thoughts (II) Warhammer and Warhammer 40k

Being a fan of both worlds and having read dozens upon dozen books I would like your opinion on which is your favourite book/series or author.

I am currently reading Duty Calls by Sandy Mitchell. A novel in the Commissar Cain series and a question pop into my head. Who would win the battle if a Tyranid Hive fleet tried to consume a tomb world of the Necrons. Wouldn't be a nice battle to see? Machines without heart against vicious beasts with a single mind and without human emotions. They both don't understand fear and would never quit fighting until the end. Ahh... how sweet to read those pages would be. But how would we see it? Maybe throught a mind of a human scout/explorer? We can't enter both Necron and Tyranid minds...
Another novel I would like to read would be about Chaos Dwarves society. I know they aren't an army anymore but would be nice to have a novel in that setting. Unfortunally I won't be seeing both will I?

Thoughts anyone?
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