Thoughts (IV)

I've some thoughts/opinion/wishes that I wanted to say...
  • Why had Stargate Atlantis ended a couple of years ago? It was probably better than the main series ( I am considered an heretic of course). Mckay, Teyla, Ronon or Sheppard: they were best characters than the main series or stargate universe that in my opinion leaves much to be desired. If I was a billionaire I would buy stargate franchise and ask for more series. I've got a feel of nostalagic everytime I see a re-run of the series. And I've never get sick of seeing the series. Or reading the books. If there were was a series I would like to been in it was that

  • I will end my amazon agreement. It makes me feel itchy to seel myself. I've never received a book and probably never will. Why should I make advertisement?
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