Book Review: War Unending - Anthology

Title - War Unending
Author - Anthology (11 Writers)
Year - 2010
Stand Alone or Series - Anthology Fantasy (Only available through Black Library website)
Pages - 318 (Softback)
Reading Time - March 2011
Rating -
  • Swords of the Empire – Dan Abnett (Swords of the Empire) Review here
  • The Small Ones – C. L. Werner (Way of the Dead)
  • Rattenkrieg – Robert Earl (Tales of the Old World)
  • Redhand’s Daughter – William King (2 Omnibus of Gotrek and Felix)
  • Portrait of my Undying Lady – Gordon Rennie (Lords of Valour) Review here
  • Virtue’s Reward – Darius Hinks (New Story)
  • The Blood Price – Mike Lee (Omnibus Chronicles of Malus)
  • Glow – Simon Spurrier (Way of the Dead)
  • Three Knights – Graham McNeill (Way of the Dead)
  • Seventh Boon – Mitchel Scanlon (Tales of the Old World)
  • Broken Blood – Paul Kearney (Death & Dishonour) Review here
Rattenkrieg – Robert Earl (Tales of the Old World)
This tale involves around Skavens and a man with a quest. The story is good (mainly the beginning as the girl is scared of the dark) and the all the scenery and gothic feeling around the old temple of Morr and the priest. The tale its good I could see this small tale into a full lenghted book. As the "Avenger" tells his tale we get the feeling that something is lurking in the dark and the ending was my least favourite part of the novel. I also enjoyed the skaven's plan. How treachorous they are. Spoiler here: They kidnapp a girl of a important man so he could hire a team of rat-catchers and search for her in the underground with a "special" map given by someone. This way they do the dirty work of one of the clans as they wipe out three other clans. Classic Skaven Tale. 8.5/10

Redhand’s Daughter – William King (2 Omnibus of Gotrek and Felix)
When I thought that Giantslayer would be the last story I read made by William King I discover these tale. After the events of Giantslayer they end up in Araby (Where did they went and how far?). As they hitchhike a ride in Storm Hammer they encounter a large vessel belonging to Goldtusk. Of course they battle but to no avail 'cause of the damage to both ships but only after freeing Katja Redhand's daughter. She tells the dwarves about the treasure of their father and a jewel in a island and ofcourse the dwarves's goldlust kicks in. They travel to the island and there they find some ruins like the ones built by the Old Ones but different at the same time (Giantslayer references). As they go in into a ruin they find the treasure  and the jewel in a room surrounded by lava but an fire elemental appears and battles Gotrek. Felix tries to battle the elemental as well but the heat is immeasurable and he is easily defeated. As they battle Katja retrieves the stone and reveals herself as a sorceress and not Redhands daughter (a pirate king) but his wife. She then banishes the elemental and flees using magic. With the stone gone the all island is unstable and the lava begins to erupt. As the flee the ruins they battle a hundred goblins and after a brief encounter they battle Goldtusk and his bodyguards. There are some pretty good images of Gotrek battles like:
"Gotrek's axe lashed out, killing everything in it's path. It clove right through spears and shields and bodies, leaving red ruin in it's wake." - "Ahead of him, Gotrek hewed and cleaved as if possessed."
Ahh Gotrek story... Nothing like it. I really hope he will never die! (unfortunally for him) 10/10

Virtue’s Reward – Darius Hinks (New Story)
This tale is set in Mordheim and it's a rite of passage for three priestess as they are set to retrieve weirdstone. The tale is set at night in Mordheim and I tell you that's not an easy sight. There is something like a carnivale of monsters that delighted me. The tale as some twists as they encounter several foes and the ending is quite good.  I don't think they refer the name of the Sisterhood that sends them to retrieve the weirdstone which would be nice. Quite good story and a nice addition to the novel. 8/10

The Blood Price – Mike Lee (Omnibus Chronicles of Malus)
Another wonderful story and probably the better of this anthology. Malus Darkblade is one heck of a character and Mike Lee truly knows how to write about him and dark elves mainly. There is some rumors that he will be writing more tales of him. I really hope so. Mike Lee really knows how to write a evil character being full of treachury and hate. This tale was beautiful written and as I said before Mike Lee knows how to write. I can't remember a writer using so many "bad" adjectives in his tales. This tale itself is about how Malus meets Silar Thornblood and Lhunara (major character in Lord of Ruin) and how they raid Ulthuan for riches and slaves. It's very good. 10/10

Seventh Boon – Mitchel Scanlon (Tales of the Old World)
This tale was another interesting stroy on this anthology. Black Library choose them by finger. This tale takes us to a man who is trying to trick the devil or in these case the first daemon prince of Slaanesh. He made a bargain with the devil for an extend life (he wanted an immmortal one) and for that in the end he should have forfeit his soul to Slaanesh. For each period of 25 years (each boon) he had to made something in counterpart. Sometimes something like murder others corrupting people to Slaanesh. As the last boon approaches he makes a plan to thwart the daemon prince plans. Excelent story. It remind of some folk tales of people cheating on devils. 8.5/10

Black Library as I said choose eleven stories and I must say I am suprised of the quality of them. All of them are very good and takes this book as a starting point for anyone trying to enter the Warhammer World. There are three stories I did not read because I have on my pile list those books. I will get them eventually. I give the book 9/10
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