Review: Razumov's Tomb - Darius Hinks

Title - Razumov's Tomb
Author - Darius Hinks
Year - 2011
Stand Alone or Series - Stand Alone (Part one of three indepent novellas about Storm of Magic)
Pages - 124
Reading Time - July 2011

This was my fourth story (second novella of Darius Hinks) First was Island of Blood here, then two short stories here and here.

This was an interesting read about a world a bit different from "our" Olde Worlde". Magic is running amock and many beasts, dragons and other beings are rampaging throughout the Empire. Bizzare plagues are stiring and it seems that there arent any safe havens. Even people are acting differently. And cat's are talking...

The reason? The Chaos Moon Morrslieb is closer and so it's influence is greater. But the Celestial College, pressured by the Emperor himself as an asnwer. The Grand Astromancer Caspar and his faithful apprenditice Gabriel must go to a place where an ancient mage made an atempt to be more powerfull harnessing the power of azyr. There they would try to continue the attempt and help the Empire. From this moment on we are inside the mind of Caspar jealousy of the young Gabriel which seems to know it all and likely the saviour.
There are other characters but they are not that desenvolped besides the previous mention and, Niclas the Reiksgraf of the Knights of Twin Tailed Comet (first time I heard of them).
The tale is told in several perpesctives (Caspar, Gabriel and Niclas) but also from the antagonists perspective. Besides the main plot line there are also two or three minor that intercede with the main plot. The setting travels from Altdorf to Schwarzbach and then to some Tomb King land and then back to where they start. The book ends as it begins with a chronicle from a "A History of Celestial Magic" book.

Overall, was an interesting read and another good story by Darius Hinks. 8.5/10

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