Thoughts XX - Desire Lyrics

Probably the best written lyrics... Cada vez que as leio sinto-me em casa... Such sorrow...My Heart is torn apart, consumed in silence by pain - Shedding in tears and elegies for it's love

Ah, sentimento funebre! Oh, lutuosa melancolia!
Deusa da negra escuridão do sentimento que me esfria
Celeste e divina é a lembrança, a memória do teu beijo
A arder-me no peito, esse céu amplo de desejo...

Ah, gloomy feeling! Oh, mournful melancholy!
Goddess of black darkness of the sentiment that freezes me
Heavenly and divine is the remembrance, the memory of your kiss
(Oh sorrow, embrace me... In your arms I wish to die)
Burning in my chest, that wide sky of desire...

Here, just me and you and my shadowy sadness
With my soul already fed up of sighing and moaning
What I want is to take to death
My being overflowing of suffering, perish to suffer

And in deeply sad agony, my eyes ripped off by tears
With which my soul relieves the pain
Are fainting like the sky at daylight
Oh, what outermost of pain! Oh, what tragic misanthropy!

When sorrow embraces my heart, it dies alone!
True love never dies...
Love is suicide...

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