Boardgame: A Touch of Evil - A Story and Playthrough - The Gargoyle - Chapter Two

Diary of Captain Hawkins

It seems someone is hiding something from me. And that Midwife Sophie is the devil (Everyone got a second secret with the exception of her and Lord Handbrook). I know Heinrich is on his way to the Bog and I went to the church (+1 cunning). 

Captain Hawkins ordering a Militia to protect the Blacksmith
After a day on this village and someone died. I am going to investigate that. I've heard that Katarina was in the Manor of Hanbrook. I must check that later on...

It seems I am alone on this crusade because Heinrich says it was attacked by something he called a Grotesque. I mean, does everyone here believes what they say?

Katarina is not the manor anymore. They've said she went to the fields but thats a wild goose. The action is the town hall and that the way I must go.  But one interesting think I uncovered is that a Lady Hanbrook statue appeared. Lord Hanbrooke says she is dead but I don't believe him. I Will go to the Town. (Lady Hanbrook is killed by the Gargoyle and so turn into stone).

Diary of Captain Hawkins (2nd Day)

I must say I am in distress. I Was attacked by something evil. It knock me out but didn't killed me.. Maybe this that thing Heinrich calls a Grotesque...  What's going on this town? Are they dabbling on the occult or satanic arts? I must go to the Doctor Office and ask for help his help.

Diary of Captain Hawkins  (2nd later in the afternoon)
There are so many secrets in this town that I am wondering what everyone is hidding (two town elders gain a third secret) and to my appaling desbelief my friend the Doctor is evil. He killed someone and escape the town. I cannot phantom what is happening here... He was my friend in the war... Maybe that war scarred him...
Magister and Reverend start their hunt...
 But not all things are bad. Magistrate Kroft and the Reverend Harding are going to hunt with my help. I still believe Katarina is behind this... they both say that something else is killing people... One of the townsman said that he saw a beast in the Marsh. I shall go there....

My friend Heinrich went to the monastary to be attacked by The Order of Crimson Hand. Who are they? This village is plagued by so many things. Are they in league with Katarina? 

I Hope Heinrich is okay.

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