Boardgame Arkham Horror - Session 03 - Turn 1 - Ancient One Shudde M'ell

My new game of Arkham Horror is going to have a thematic feel. I will be playing with three characters. It will Jim Culver the Musician; Marie Lambeau the Entertainer and Patrice Hathaway the Violinist.  We are going to play with Dunwich expansion board which is going to be a first.
 They are in a tour in Pensylvania and already made their stops in the small towns of Dunwich, Innsmouth and Kingsport. Now they are in Arkham for their final concerts.

They all feel that something was odd in those last towns they went but it was in Arkham that things got out of hand. Evil is afoot and each friend will have to battle this hidden nightmarish fiends.

(One thing I didn't thought is that they are all magic oriented characters... I doomed).

Jim Culver the Musician
Jim Culver has two spells: 
- Revelation of Script which gives a clue for each unique & exhibit item I gain until the end of the turn (this is not a good spell). 
- Curse of Darkness (Cost 2 sanity) Cast and discard to choose a monster in your neighborhood and move it to the outskirts. This is very nice.
- Skill: +1 Lore
- Brass Knuckles (+1 combat check)
- Golden Trumpet If anyone punish my sanity I put one token on that card. After three items puff...

This guy is awesome against undead. One clue to automatically pass a combat check against undead. And In case of other world every card as a green symbol. Very nice.

The Story So Far: Daddy used to say, "Jazz is a lot like liquor, it makes everything go down a little smoother."

Daddy used to say a lot of stupid things.

Jazz has been nothing but trouble for Jim since the day he picked up his daddy's trumpet. There was something weird and otherworldly about the writing on the inside of the bell, but the tones from it were smooth and dark, like good coffee. There was something about it that made you want to tap your feet and snap your fingers. That trumpet landed Jim a lot of gigs until the time it made Widow Jenkins get up and dance, the day he played at her funeral. After that, it was kind of hard to find work, especially playing funerals.

Since then, Jim has learned a lot about jazz-- and the things the graveyard ghouls talk about on cold autumn nights. Lately, they've been talking about The End, as in the end of everything that is and could be. The Final Rhapsody. The fact is, Jim isn't too keen on that idea. He's got more songs he wants to play before then. So, sitting in a booth at Velma's, Jim takes one last swallow of hot coffee before heading out to play what could be his last encore. The coffee is smooth and dark going down, just like the night...

Marie Lambeau the enternainer
Marie Lambeau this one is more focus on spells that Culver. Three spells:

- Curse of Darkness (Send a monster to the outskirts for two sanity cost).
- Sigil of Hermes Trismegistus. Cost one sanity and helps another player close a gate giving him +2 check.
- Voice of Ra: Cost 1 sanity and gain +1 skill check in this turn.

She has a good magical Enchanted Knife that gives her +3 combat checks and combine with her skill +1 fight.

Her skills are good. A onetime remove a doom token from ancient one and in case of battle the casting spells she can do it even with both her hands occupied.

The Story So Far: Marie Lambeau always had a voice to die for. People called her "the Smoky Velvet." They said she was born to sing jazz, that she had the magic touch-- and maybe they were right.

Once, Marie heard of a man who could make the dead dance when he played his trumpet. She never could do that-- her voice wasn't magic that way. But when people hear it, they like it, and they like her, and that suits her just fine.

Marie's grande-mere just passed away. Why the old dame moved from New Orleans to Arkham, Marie never knew. Anyway, she never paid much attention to the stories people told about the old woman. She just figured they were jealous. But now, she's sitting in Ma's Boarding House holding her grandmother's knife, and she can hear it singing with a voice like smoky velvet...

Patrice Hathaway the Violinst
Patrice Hathaway is one of the best players in the game in my opinion. One of her skills basically tell that anyone can use her clues if they want. And she gains 1 clue token each time a gate opens and 5 more if the track of the ancient one gets to 9th

She has a dusty manuscript that gives +1 spell check and got one spell called Markings of Isis giving her the possibility to pass a horror check for free. The casting modifier is equal to monster horror rating. So basicaly if you are fightining a -2 horror rating  I will have two possibilities to pass a horror check. First with the spell and then the Horror check.

She's got one time Powder of Ibn- Ghazi that gives a +9 combac checks. +1 lore and the King in Yellow giving the possibility to gain 4 tokens for one sanity cost and lose the item.

The Story So Far: All her life, Patrice has lived for music. The soaring sonatas, the graceful arias, and the booming marches have always been her closest companions.

But sometimes as she plays, she can sense something at the edge of her awareness - something that watches her and waits, for what she doesn't know.

The presence has been growing over the last month, and her increasing nervousness is starting to spoil her ability to play the violin. That's not something she can tolerate.

So when an old gypsy she was swapping tunes with told her that she was being watched by an evil spirit, Patrice listened with somewhat less skepticism than she might have had even a month ago. The gypsy referred her to a shop in Arkham that might have what she needs to get rid of the spirit.

That explains why Patrice finds herself entering the Curiositie Shoppe this evening, feeling a little silly and more than slightly nervous.

Ancient One

My adventures are fighting a terrible ancient one they call Shudde M'ell... This one is going to be hard.

Shudde M'ell is the creation of Brian Lumley and is featured in his novel The Burrowers Beneath (1974).

Shudde M'ell is "a great gray thing a mile long chanting and exuding strange acids... charging through the depths of the earth at a fantastic speed, in a dreadful fury... melting basaltic rocks like butter under a blowtorch." Shudde M'ell is the supreme regent of the Chthonians, a horrifying race of burrowing creatures, and is probably the largest and most malignant member of his kind. According to some legends, he was once imprisoned beneath G'harne, but now he is free to wander the earth with his kin.

Worshippers: Shudde M'ell is worshipped by his inhuman children. Chthonians deal their damage when moving on a roll of 2-6 instead of a roll of 4-6.

Power: World Cracking - While Shudde M'ell stirs in his slumber place the 7 rubble tokens face down near the board. Each time a monster surge occurs, draw a rubble token. The token is placed on the location it shows, closing that location for the rest of the game. If there are no rubble tokens left when one should be drawn, the game is over and the investigators lose.

Attack: One undrawn rubble token is discarded. If there are no rubble tokens left to discard when Shudde M'ell attacks, Arkham is destroyed by a massive earthquake and all investigators are devoured.

Basically I'm doomed...
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