Audiobook Review: Doctor Who: Fear of the Daleks by Patrick Chapman

Doctor Who: Fear of the Daleks by Patrick Chapman
My rating: 2 of 10 stars

Fear of the Daleks - The Companions 2
Second Doctor, "Almost no" Jamie McCrimmon & Zoe

Zoey Harriot is telling someone about her dreams. She tells him about the first time she met the Daleks with the Doctor and Jamie. This story involves mind control technology. Supposedly she was controlled by an ally of the Daleks and her mission was to kill one of two presidents in peace conference. With the help of the Doctor and the redemption of that ally they thwart the plans of the Daleks.

Basically this is a very straightforward tale with worthy mention to Zoey. Jamie is almost non-existent and the funny doctor (I think that the Second Doctor is a funny one).

Worth of hearing? I don't think so. There are so much better out there.

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