Anime Review: Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Summer 2017)

Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun (Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun) is a Comedy show about a handsome young football player  who is germaphobic and likes everything pristine.

From: Studio Hibari
Theme: Comedy, Sports, Seinen

My Opinion
This anime is one of those you  watch and feel a little guilty watching it, because  there is no important message or anything that interesting that should captivate you, besides the comedy parts. Aoyama is g

ermophobic (no, he has no phobia with German people but germs).  He plays soccer and due to his unwillingly resolve of not getting dirty he plays football very well and he is even on Japan U16 national team. While the first episode we get to see his motivations in later episodes we get to know a lot of other characters like Gotou (who adores him) or Zaizen who do not understand how can he be so good player. 

Part of the animation is like this chibi kind like anime...
Other people in his class or school either loves him or… well there isn’t any other type (well there is but they quickly change their mind).  Interesting was the change of focus. The first episode they focus on football but the next three episodes focus on his cleaning habits and interaction with people. In the fourth episode there is even a food battle between another germophobic (but this one doesn’t come “clean” of his status – sorry about the pun). As I watch the rest of the episodes I can’t say this anime is going to be on top ten of any list (either good or bad). Basically Aoyama which is show name is not the main character. I dare say there isn’t any. Each episode is focus on someone near Aoyoma and how they seem him (either good or bad). In then Aoyama always comes on top – aloof all the way… There are some episodes he barely says anything 

My Advice?  
If you like comedy animes mix with slice of life and a bit of football then go ahead BUT as I said it’s never going to be a much have and one of those animes that is bound to be forgot as the times passes….


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