Anime Review: Kokkoku (Winter 2018)

Well just finish Kokkoku and it's a mess.
Basically this anime it's one more anime that will be soon forgotten by everyone. To whom would you suggest? Sci-Fi fans? Action fans? Super Power fans? Horror fans? I don't know what to make of it.

The premise is quite easy to understand (I think). So basically a grandpa reveals to his family that they have a stone that could stop time (no time limit) and unfortunately you had to use it because your grandson and son had been kidnapped.  Okay I can live with this premise. You go there save your kid and grandkid and try to escape but a secret society who had been worshiping your stone (yeah..) were able to enter that time stop timeline (Stasis) as well and they want your stone. How they did it it's beyond me since it's never explain because the other stone is the only one who can do it. That one mimics it?

So as we watch the episodes unfold one after another you get to understand the world. There are beings there that prevent you from doing harm to people in stasis (Heralds). If you try to kill someone you instead will be killed. But after the introduction of this interesting world that even invites us to ask some moral questions on what would you do and what-not the plot goes around around and nothing happens.

Most of the guys who entered are either killed by the Heralds in experiments made by their psycothic master or banished by our main character Yukawa who it seems has the ability to send them back to real time. The grandpa has the ability of teleportation but only a couple of feet away. Oh and the boy (has the ability to make herald do their bidding).

But then everything crumble... Bad guys turn to good easily as peach; some bad guys Majima only wanted to find their family while Shiomi one of the top bad guys realizes their boss is crazy and changes sides. Sako a wannabe old gangster just want to get into the pants of Majima.

As Sagawa (the bad guy) just goes around trying to find out more about the stasis (sacrificing their own guys) he almost turns into a Herald then something different which we never understand what it is. Later on Yukawa almost banishes him and he is reborn as child and so she and grandpa try to raise him. She quickly banish everyone else and stay in the stasis half a year and start raising a child... in the stasis... alone because she soon banish her grandfather then some crappy deus-ex-machina thing happens and she returns... 

There are so many things wrong with anime - it's weird (and not the good kind).
1) the animation is bad to say the least. It almost reminds me of Evil or Live animation.
2) the world had so many flaws - so time stopped and only people live so how could they eat food? Breath air in the same place? Why the girl, boy and grandfather had super powers?
3) those sex jokes were awful - all comedy in this show was awful and in awkward moments.
4) the animation in the end of the anime - why the almost naked girl? What's the purpose - show skin?
5) How slow this anime is appaling. This anime could have been made in 6 with no problem.
6) Wtf was that ending? The evil-doer turn baby? The woman appearing when Yukawa is going crazy and helping her? Talk about deus-ex-machina

Poor show that have few redeeming qualities. 


Geno Studio is farily new to my knowledge. Before Kokkoku they've made Gyakusatsu Kikan which is in my to watch list and they are making Golden Kamuy which seems to be really really interesting

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