Anime Review:Killing Bites (Winter 2018)

This show is about beautiful animals all working together against the  pigs - nah that's a book :)
For a girl who doesn't wear bra her boobs defy gravity - talk about a Ratel!
This is a anime focus on battle royal show where half-humans half-animal fight one another (Therianthrope). Each one develops the skill of an animal (like hippopotamus, gorilla, tiger and other less know but respectable animals like our main character a Ratel (like the honey badger or wolverine). I didn't knew but they are quite powerful since they can even repelled an attack from a Lion which is ten times as larger. They even go on an offensive when they are trapped. Bee Stings, porcupine quills or other animal bites rarely penetrate their skin. If larger animals like cattle of buffalos intrude their burrow they go on offensive and they are virtually tireless. The only one I didn't knew was and it was the last fight is called a pangolin. Their armour is so strong that in India was costume to hunt them down and make a coat of armor but since they were too hard to find and kill it was for everyone.

Most of these stuff I learn in the anime, others I search. As fights erupt and a knew animal appears we learn from a narrator about that animal - which was one of the most interesting parts of the anime.

The anime itself is not that good in my humble opinion. It focus a lot on battle & fan service - beware, if you turn off by it - there is a lot of it.

So what's this anime about? Well it's about a man (Nomoto) who lives his life bossed around, encounters Hitomi (Ratel) as his friends are trying to rape her. She quickly kills them all and "adopt" him. He learns that Hitomi is a therianthrope of a Ratel and she wants to compete in a Destroyal where teams of therianthropes band and fight other therianthropes. Each Therianthrope follows the guidance of a "family" of some sorts.
And thus begins the quest to meet fellow therianthropes to fight alongside her. First they enlist a hippopotamus and then the cowardly rabbit who only knows to dig holes and run.

As the battles progress we get to see this is more than monster defeating monster but a power struggle between the families which comes in fruitation in the last episode. Btw the last episode made me drop my rating for two things (spoilers)

This got no hentai - I promise. And it's a snake not a octupus ;)
1) This is not a ending but partial ending of some sorts. Something is going to happen we don't know what. I wonder what kind of beast/human will arrive. I can't see any more dangerous animals besides the ones already presented. Probably a white shark?

2) Why did Hitomi had to kill Yuuya? It makes no purpose... I don't really care about killing of characters. I think it gives us something more to fear after all we all thing the main characters don't die. But since it's never fully explained I couldn't understand it... MAybe a second season?

Well overall nice entertaining series BUT don't expect much. Maybe wait until a fully uncensored version? who knows... If it was trying to be a High School DxD but more gory and less comedy (mixing battles with ecchi) it failed. Neverthless good show to watch a episode per week.

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