Boardgame Storage Solution - Conan

Well, Conan was one of the first boardgames I purchase and it wasn't a good buy in my humble opinion, one that I am trying to sell for some time. Lets be real, I bought in on Kickstarter before my child was born and he is almost three years old. So, I am going to try to sell it for a bit more time and if I can't I will keep it and play with my son when he is older. 

Being a kickstarter game and one was very successful it has a lot of extras. More than 150 miniatures so keep everything in order was quite hard BUT I got it... Maybe change I will change and put more like Mythic Battles: Pantheon. 

In the left I have two boxes full of Conan stuff PLUS the boards on top since they are too many (I have two expansions) - Nordheim & Kitai.

So, the first box has individual boxes with their individual cards plus all rulesheet & manual. I also have one hardcover book with additional missions & painting guides and such.

The second box only have a two-sided box where I put all the tokens plus some monsters (most of them are either addons or stretch goals. IT has most of the brute force (the minions). This way I can put on the table in only a couple of minutes. Going to purchase some stickers and stick it to boxes so it's even simpler. I have that in Mythic Battles. I shall put online my storage solution tomorrow.

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