Boardgame Storage Solution - Eldritch Horror

This one is Eldritch Horror. My favorite board game so far. With most expansions (Only missing The Masks of Nyarlathotep & Dreamlands). So I have most different decks and such. The only thing missing are more cards for each deck and the ancient ones decks.

So basically I have one box with all the tokens plus investigators.
Then one of the smaller boxes with all investigators and ancient ones cards plus gates tokens.
Don't mind my work card :)
And then I have these two stands. One with all "big" cards, ancients, locations, mythos etc and another small stand with all conditions and spells.

Usually you don't get a random condition so I separate them in piles to easier access. The only thing that can be a bit problematic is the spells since sometimes they are random but what I do is throw a die and choose one pile to be 1,2 / 3,4 and the last one 5,6. This way it's simpler.


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