Boardgame Storage Solution - Mythic Battles: Pantheon

  Well this was a more recent addition to my boardgame collection. Basically this game a drafting game where you choose a Greek God, Monster, Hero(es) or troops. There is a drafting value and you've got countless combinations to fight against other player (or players) or even against IA. You also have Titans. 

Each one has special powers that make them terryfing. After seveval plays you will learn who goes well with who. For the videos I watched there isn't a single unbeatable team which is awesome. 

Btw, the miniatures are very pretty. I really like them.  There are also scenarios base on greek mythology. In 2019 they are going to release the Mythic Battles: Ragnarock which will be based on Norse Mythology so I am going in no doubt.

I have everything in two boxes. Here I did something different. I put everything from the corebox on the first box and the rest on the second box. I also have the gods and titan all beautiful all line up (photo to come).

 Here we have all the cards and tokens plus that three boxes have troops, heroes and monsters divided.

The second box has all the stretch goals and cards. Interesting I bought four boxes. As you can see the gods have yellow cards so they wen to the yellow box (that sticker is the name of the gods within). I made the same to Monsters (Green) and Heroes (Red , althought they are grey eheh)

This game is quite easy to put on the table without much effort at all :)


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