Review: The Corrupted - Robert Earl

Title The Corrupted
Author Robert Earl
Pages 256
Year 2006
Publisher Black Library
Reading time 5 days (Jan 2009)
Rating 8 / 10

Last January I read four books apart from this one. The others being The Joan-Arc Replay by Pierre Barbet, Only Forward by Michael Marshall Smith (didn't finished it), On a Pale Horse by Piers Anthony and Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie.

I try to read a book by Black Library per month. Since I have them all and they release 2 or 3 books per month you can see how this is going to be a problem... but well, I will work it out.

Before reading this novel I've only had read a short story by Robert Earl in one of the annual anthologies. I enjoyed it and since then I wanted to read some book by him. I had on my desk for some time the Burning Shore but never got it to read. It still is. I think is the book I have on my pile to read next for more time. That and Titanicus by Dan Abnett. Maybe this will be their month!

Well now for the book...

This book was a little different from the others I've read before by Black Library. It felt like a quest (maybe that's because in the cover it says Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay the table game of Warhammer.

One thing I liked to say it's that this book need more pages. Maybe the standart 416 pages. But in the end it was good. There is no hole plots and the book starts and ends in it.

The story involves a rogue wizard fleeing the Empire and a bunch of fanatical team of witch hunters on pursuit. They are led to the Northern Wastes and then the plot really begins.

There are many plots and counter plots and the end is unpredictable and makes you wonder what happening next. Obvious it's not going to be a sequel but that's fine. It makes you wonder and that's what I want from this books... They make my imagination work and think for myself.
I enjoyed the novel and problably it could have had more pages...
There were many characters I think he could have delve more deeply in some of them. Titus was my favourite character on this novel. Greatly conceived and nicely portraited.
My problem is that the book was from 2007 and some parts I don't remember... Which is a shame. Maybe I should read the book once again in two or three years...
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