Review: Giantslayer - William King

Title - Giantslayer
Author - William King
Year - 2003
Stand Alone or Series - Gotrek and Felix Seventh novel
Pages - 320
Reading Time - June 2010

This is the seventh book by William King about Gotrek and Felix and the last one written by him. Nowadays Nathan Long is on top of Gotrek and Felix books and Ulrika spinoff after Vampireslayer. Trollslayer (here); Skavenslayer (here), Daemonslayer (here), Dragonslayer (here), Beastslayer (here) and a short story called Redhand's Daughter (here); Vampireslayer (here)

This story begins in the elf lands as the magical energy needed to maintain Ulthuan is being bled off and if nothing is done Ulthuan is destroyed. Gotrek being a Dwarf doesn’t care about elves so good riddance to them. But Teclis the mightiest of elf magicians tells him that if he doesn’t help him the mountains that the dwarves so much enjoy are going to be destroyed as well. So help is needed and the three of them go through the Paths of the Old Ones to battle whomever is tapping on the magic. This is my first reading about the magical Albion. I know a novel of Orfeu is passed there and after reading this I want to read more of it. It’s a magical place where fog engulfs all. It reminds me a music by Bal Sagoth called “As the Black Moon broods over Lemuria”. The tale as I said goes to Albion (a place that remind me of Britain/Scotland from the time of the wars against the romans) where Gotrek and his new found allies battle orcs to the climax where they battle a giant (thus the name) and two mages from a previous book (Beastslayer) called Kelmain and Lhoigor.

I really enjoy Gotrek and Teclis interaction because they both hate each other race. After all one of the most important wars on the Olde World was between them. I really urge you to read the first tales because 1. they are good and 2. Each follows the last one and 3. They are all good.
There are some things that upset me like Snorri and Max that are presented on the beginning of the book and then they are discarded. I really enjoy Snorri.

Would I recommend this book? Of course yes. But in my humble opinion to enjoy the fullest read the previous six books. 8.5/10
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