Review: Vampireslayer - William King

Title - Vampireslayer
Author - William King
Year - 2001
Stand Alone or Series - Gotrek and Felix Sixth novel
Pages - 319
Reading Time - December 2008

The Vampire Slayer is the sixth book about Gotrek and Felix. I am will not dwell on Gotrek quest because if you have being follows the series you will know and if you haven’t then I recommend to read the first books before. Or if not possible read Daemonslayer. The best book written by William King and probably the best book on the Warhammer setting (alongside Gilead’s Blood). If you want these are my previous reviews... Trollslayer (here); Skavenslayer (here), Daemonslayer (here), Dragonslayer (here), Beastslayer (here) and a short story called Redhand's Daughter (here)

This book it follows Beastslayer after the battle that put Praag against the beasts from the chaos wastes. Almost a quarter of the population lies dead and another quarter is expected to die since winter is coming and hunger and disease at it's footsteps. After some corpses drained by blood Felix is suspicious of what’s happening. Meanwhile Adolphus Krieger (vampire) and Roche (henchman) have being trying to get hold of a talisman called the Eye of Khemri. After Max springs a trap and rendered unconscious Krieger steals the talisman and kidnaps Ulrika. Max, Gotrek, Snorri, Felix and some Kislevites try to follow the talisman and thus Ulrika.

This book is a little different from other books written by him. In this book the main evil character his given a decent amount of time. Also I enjoy the love triangle between Max, Felix and Ulrika and in character development is quite good. This book is the first where hack and slash are in equal terms of characterization and plot development.

The ending is excellent and because of his choises, after 8 years Black Library commission Ulrika own series. That alone is worth reading this novel. In the end I was satisfied and anxious for the next book… Giantslayer.

William King is truly unique in this vast universe. Should I recommend this book? To anyone who wants to read about Vampires, Dwarves or like a good series. Start at Trollslayer. 9.5/10

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