TV Series Review: The Sliders - Season 1 & 2

I first saw this series on the portuguese cable. It was something new. I think I watch the first three seasons, maybe a little more.. but I know I didn't watch it all, so I start doing in December. For now, I've seen the first ten episodes from season one and thirteen from season two. The third season had three major developments. First Professor Arturo leaves the show (he dies) and enters the hottie Maggie (Kari Wuhrer). The third think was the theme of series but more on that on another post...

Season One
Pilot - In this first episode (an arc of two episodes) we discover how Quinn Mallory discovers a way to travel between paralel worlds. He enjoys the companionship of Professor Maximilian Arturo (My favourite character , later he was Gimli in LOTR), Wade Wells a work collegue (and love interest, kind off) and the unfortunate Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown a bystander who was suck into the vortex.

In the first slide they went to a world where everything was frozen (Frozen World). Because they can't wait the four hours time they open a portal which leads them to a random place. They arrive at a planet where there the Soviet Union has conquerered the United States (. In this world Arturo is a top admistrative of the american soviet union. After dealing with the locals they travel again.

In this episode they travel to a world where society had evolved as ours but with a slight change... there wasn't any antibiotics. Quinn of this world was patient zero and atributed as the reason of a fever called Q that was killing the population. In this episode Wade suffered a lot but the Professor invented penicilin, in the end they travelled and they end up on a world where canniballs exist. This mark a trademark that happens in the last or first minute of the episode dealing with world that is never fully developed. So, we can spectulate that they have travel to a far greater number of worlds than the episodes we see.

Last Days
This episode is a odd duck. First of all, they are hanging on a house with water everywhere. It seems a massive wave has swallowed San Francisco and they are dressed with some clothes from the 60's (hippies world). - This scene was shot after the sixth episode Summer of Love but aired before. Don't know why but it felt strange...

Well this episode a meteor is going to strike the earth cleansing of life before they can slide again. Each friend deals in a different way; Arturo helps Bennish (a student of Arturo in another universe) to develop the atom bomb; Quinn tries to fix the Slider machine; Wade just wants to be with Quinn and confess their love and Rembrandt wants to go out in a bang. 

Prince of Wails
In this episode the americans lost the revolutionary war and they are still control by the British Empire. Arturo is the second in command of the empire and plots to kill the prince to take over. Here, Quinn becomes a freedom fighter and Wade deals with her feelings for Quinn and the Prince. 

Summer of Love
They start their journey on a world being torn apart from some modified genetic wasps. They travel to another world (the one in the 60's) and get seperated. Arturo and Quinn try to uncover the secrets of Sliding, Rembrandt returns to a family he never had to find it a little different of what he hoped and Wade becomes a guru for all those hippies. They escape to the world where san francisco is swallowed by the sea, so this episode supposedly is before Last Days, don't know why they aired in a different way it was filmed.

In this episode, we travel to a world where the famous people are scientists and great thinkers. Quinn supposedly is one of best players of the Mindgame and Arturo is the chairman of California University. Interesting is that both doubles are not what what other people think. In this world the wife of Arturo is alive but it's divorcing him.

The Weaker Sex
In a world where woman rebel against man's history of violence, everything is done by women. Men are only good as receptcionists and nannies. Everything else the jobs belong to woman. They are stranded there for 6 weeks so they must find jobs so they can eat. Wade finds it simply enough. Quinn hires himself as recepcionist, Rembrandt as a musician/sex toy and Professor Arturo despises the place and so with a help of the locals try to make a stand like Martin Luther King. Interesting tale that makes me wonder how woman felt 20 or 30 years ago. After the elections, which they think the men think they lost, they travel to a paradise where Arturo is Wade slave, after losing a bet.

The King is back is set on a world where Rembrandt has died but he is more famous than Michael Jackson. It was a fun episode. Is Rembrandt staying on that world?

Luck of the Draw is a world where the world population is set on 700 Million people because they follow to the letter the advice of people who said that the world couldn't support much more people so the world prosper. They have no polution and it seems everyone is happy. Unfortunally not all is at seems. There is a lottery and the more money you drawn from the ATM the more chance you have to win. But the lottery is not money. Is Suicide. This is based on a short-story by Shirley Jackson.

Season 2
- Into the Mystic - This was one of my favourite shows. They landed on a world where there is magic and Quinn double is a mighty wizard. Excelent adventure.

- Love Gods -  This world probably is a dream of Mankind. Some biological warfare wipe out most of male population and woman rule the world. Here they are kept locked and they have to breed five times a day. There aren't artificial insimination so they must do it the hot way. Of course nothing is seen. This is a kid, juvenile show. Good ep.

- Gilliam of the Spirits
A lightning strikes the vortex making Quinn invisible to the rest of the party. They are aided by a girl who can see "ghosts" as they try to cope with Quinn dissaperance. They are met with Quinn's father who helps them with their sliding machine. This world is a world where fundamentalism overuled technology and bearing any kind of technology is considered treason.

- The Good, the Bad and The Wealthy
In this world Texas is a wide nation where laywers aka gunslingers do deal the old way. Interesting Quinn's performance.

- El Sid
Quinn rescues a woman being beaten by his boyfriend but he follows through the wormhole landing on an san francisco is a max security prison. In the episode the girl travels with the gang but she is not there. What happened to her?

- Time again and World
Wade and everyone else becomes an eyewitness to a murder just before the group slides. The next world they arrive on is surprisingly similar to the one they just left, and when Wade tries to stop the murder from taking place again, the sliders wind up entangled with government officials in a United States that is under martial law.

- In Dino Veritas
This a Jurasic World theme where San Francisco is a natural reserve for Dinosaurs. Fast paced but nothing spectacular.

- Post Traumatic Syndrome
The gang arrives on their prime world and now they must start again. The Professor starts telling everyone it was his invention, Rembrandt uses the publicity to make more concerts, Wells sell their story to a book publisher but Quinn is not conviced. First is a game ten years ago that supposedly had other participants, then one of his school friends had bracers but on the picture it did not. Everyone criticizes him until they find out that the bridge of San Francisco is not red but blue. 
This episode made me wonder, with so few exceptions why didn't they stay? After 18 months of sliding I thought they would enjoy it. But nope.. Ohh And the Professor had a dopelganger.

- Obesssion
This tale is set on a world where ten percent of the population has psychic abilities and most events that lead to wars, assassinations and such were averted but the new head of organization has dreamt of Wade and don't want her to leave. Good Wade story.

- Greatfellas
The sliders arrive on a world where Prohibition was never repealed and organized crime has taken over the streets. Rembrandt is one of the uncorruptibles and everyone else is either corruptable or dead. America is divided by mafia families. Good ep. Remember 1990 Goodfellas....

- The Young and the Relentless
On this world anyone over 30 is considered old and a surplus to society. Young people are world owners. The episode title is a play off the CBS soap The Young And The Restless. 

- Invasion
This episode starts something I didn't enjoy. The inclusion of another world beings called Krommags. They are sliders as well and conquer every other parallel world. After torturing our friends they let them escape so they can follow  them as they return to Earth Prime. There is also a french world where the professor fits as a glove...

Wade: Cheer up, Professor. It was only a watch. 
Arturo: Only a watch?! That timepiece was probably worth more than the gross national product of Paraguay. Nasty French planet filled with shifty, back-stabbing, croissant-sniffing nitwits. 
Rembrandt: Come on, Professor. You're killing us. 
Wade: Yeah. Maybe you should've saved some of those insults for the waiter.
Arturo: What? That frog eating mendicant? I wouldn't waste good material on him.

- As time goes by
This story the sliders travel between three worlds where they find the same persons time and again. Daelin (a former Quinn's Lover) which no matter what he can't be with her. The first world is where the Spanish rule the America, the second she is a wife to a beating husband and the third world is a world that the time move backwards and Quinn is set to save her with disastrous consequences.

Rembrandt: Hey, what's going on? 
Arturo: You've changed the future; you ripped a hole in the fabric of time. God knows what the consequences would be.
Wade: What could it mean? Arturo: In laymen's terms, I fear Tomorrow may no longer exist.
Rembrandt: I mean, besides - the way your karma was headed, if you two ever did get together, you'd probably have a child that would destroy the world! 
Arturo: There's no need to invoke a destructive child - Mister Mallory has done it all by himself.


Arturo: A certain rich merchant was walking in the marketplace in Baghdad. As he looked across the street, he suddenly saw the figure of Death beckoning to him. The terrified man rushed home, mounted his fastest horse and rode a hundred miles to Samarra. That night, there was a knock on the door of his bedroom. He opened it... and there stood Death. "Why did you beckon me at the marketplace in Baghdad today?" asked the man. "I was not beckoning you," said Death. "I was merely surprised to see you in Baghdad, since I knew that tonight we had an appointment in Samarra."

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