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Anime Reviews: 08Th Ms Team; Gate, Golden Kamuy, Darling Terra, Formars, Hisone, Akame Ga Kill, Btoom!, Kill La Kill

Since I started on my current job (4 months ago) I've watch a lot of anime coming and going on the train and at home. They have been my salvation... And I've watch quite a few. Just to have a quick look since 01 May I've watch roughly 1098 animes and 112 tv episodes while in terms of movies only 12. After all it's easy to watch a 23m anime than a 2 hours movie right? Besides the season ones I've  watch Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team - my first Gundam story and I really enjoy it. A lot of action but mix with Romance and Politics. I understand now why people think it's on top ten Gundman shows to watch. There is no need to watch anything previously. The characters are really good -mainly the first two main characters on both sides of the war. After all this is anti-war story, no? There is also a small movie that you can watch easily afterwards and helps you enjoy even more the main story.

Now Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there. This show as rather interesting…

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