Sunday, February 19, 2017

Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

I really thought this could be a good movie but it wasn't. Don't get me wrong, I didn't expect something historical correct but I expect at least try to be feasible...

I am okay with the undead ruling system; and I am okay with vampire hunters what I am not okay was small things that make my eyes roll... first of all the all vampire can't harm another vampire (but they can strike one another at times...) then the Gettysburg stuff... okay the vampires win the first day but then after the initial reports I am lead to believe that in one day they collect all the silver from Washington and made it into bullets and bayonets then they hop a train (well spoilers alert it was via foot... 70 miles = in one night?) am I am to believe that's possible? 

Some other stupid stuff, the all fighting in the horses thingy... jumping and hopping - stupid stuff.

Overall, a movie that could have been good but instead it was crap sfx stuff... they only mention one of Abraham sons... what about the other 3?

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Monthly Update -January 2017 - Movies, Series and Animes

I would like this month to be an example of this year. I've watched 162 shows (between animes, movies and TV series) which gives roughly 5,23 per day. If this continues it will give roughly 2000 episodes and/or movies. Last year I watch 963 shows - but let's be honest- I only started to be more serious in June/July.  

So what's to expect from the coming months? More animes undoubtly and I am trying to watch movies focused on Kaiju (monsters like Godzilla).

Movies ( 16 Movies)
Most of them were horror theme (as normal with me). One of my favourite was the last one I watch. Lights Out. Truly horror in terms of spooky feelings.  I am trying to make some small reviews from all of them but it will be difficult. I also watch the first movie from the Kaiju series called Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (american movie from 1953 - one year before Gojira (Godzilla).

TV Series (15 Eps)
Ministério do Tempo - Portuguese series with an alternate history feeling. Poorly made but what can I say - at least they are trying. Special Effects on the same level of some Sci-Fi series. 
Doctor Who - 2 Eps
Thunderbolt Fantasy - Finish the series. A puppeteer show which I initial thought it was weak but after watching 8 episodes in one month I must say it change my mind. Good series with a chinese feeling. I know they are coming back for a second season.

Pretty weak as you can see...

Anime (131 Eps)
Finished Animes (7)
Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) (5eps) - Finish the series and probably one of the best of 2017. Really enjoy the series. Calm and Serenity at it's best. Dictionaries never looked so good.
- Gi(a)rlish Number -  (8eps) - From last season and it gave some glimpses of how the anime industry works. I enjoy it but overall not so interesting.
- www.working (12 eps) - This one was a blast. I watch it in three days I think. I couldn't stop watching. It was really fun. In the first episode I didn't gave much thought but it was funny as hell.
- Hitori no Shita: The Outcast (6 Eps) - I really try to like the series but I didn't. It felt incomplete like so many others. It demanded a second season that probably will never get it because the show was crap. Interesting main characters.
- Ao Oni: The animation (1Ep) - Mediocre anime of 3minutes episode about horror.
- Watashi Ga Motete Dousunda (11 Eps) - I really can't say much about the series. The series basically is how weight changes a person. Basically the plot deals with a girl who is fat and had no love interests and one day after some disease she wakes slim and beauty. From this moment on 4 guys appear and start battling for her. But she loves "man to man love..." so instead of dealing with her own feelings towards the guys she only wants to see them together - shipping as they call it. There isn't much plot. Each episode deals with one of them dealing with his own feelings.
Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?  (12 eps) - This anime deals with the problem with videogames in teenagers. Basically there are some Otakus (A boy and several girls) that play a game for a year or so and meet for the first time. From that moment on their mission, besides continuing playing the game, is to make one of the girls understand that the game is not reality. Interesting show but I thought that in the grand scheme of things it felt a bit pointless. Nevertheless worth watching because it really it's fun.

Currently Watching (23)
I am not going to make them all here but basically from the 2017 Winter season I am watching:

Masamune-kun no Revenge / Seiren / Urara Meirochou (Labyrinth Town) / Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews With Monster Girls) /Koro-Sensei Quest / Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil) /Fuuka / ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (ACCA: 13th Territory Inspection Dep) / Gabriel DropOut / KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Vol 2 / Onihei / One Room /Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish)

I am going to make a different post on those animes... I watch 3/4 episodes from each. I am watching as they are coming out. I must say compare with the two previous seasons (when I start watching regularly anime - some of these are really good)

Also watching Ano Natsu de Matteru  (Waiting in the Summer) from Winter 2012 and Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend - Season 1 from Winter 2015 (there is new season coming in Spring).

Also watching from last season (24 episodes series) - Sengoku Choujjuu Giga; Long Riders (delayed with two episodes missing); Tiger Mask W; All Out!! and Nobunaga no Shinobi.

In february I expect to finish from last season, which I stop watching Drifters; Stella no Mahou and I am undecided if I should drop Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Movie Review: The Evil Dead (2013)

The Evil Dead is not a remake of Evil Dead from the 80's. First I thought it was but then I understood it wasn't. Both movies are quite similar in some ways. Both have the same monster. Both have the same weapons - chainsaw, shotgun, both have the possessions and necronomicon. Both have someone cut of his hand and use a chainsaw. But they are different in one way...

The comic relief. Whereas th

e first three evil dead (and the series Ash vs Evil Dead) are horror no doubt about it BUT they have some comic relief and jokes. In this new movie there is no comic relief and to me that was a great change.

Basically the movie deals with five friends on a trip where one of them is on a drug withdrawal and so she must endure everything. But then things start to go wrong. They find some burn cats on a cellar and several a strange book - the necronomicon. One of the friends read from it and things went to shit.

Nevertheless a interesting movie. But comparing to all of them I would rate it last.

Movie Review: Relic (1997)

The Monster... 
I am going to start making some small reviews since I do not have much time to write... Relic is a movie based on a book that I really enjoyed. There are some divergences between them but that's to be expected as almost all adapations.
Relic the book is from 1995 and the first from the Pendergast series written by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.
Our two main characters. Margo & D'Agosta
In the movie there is no Pendergrast. It's on Chicago instead of New York Natural History Museum. There are also some differences like Margo Green (the Doctor) in the book helps killing the beast by Pendergast and in the movie she is the one who kills it. D'Agosta (the police guy) has a similar role but quite different (superstitious). Dr Frock in the movie is killed but in the book is not.  Also the monster is quite different. 

Did I enjoy the movie? Yes. Indeed I did. I think the movie really got into the mood from the book but whereas the book has some slow tempo the movie it's far greater BUT not in a bad way.
I think the movie try to make a one movie deal. That's why the Pendergast was written out.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Movie Review: Red Dawn (2012)

The remake of the 1984 movie with the same title.. the only difference? The invader...

After European economic collapse the USA suffered with it. North Korea joins Russia and other countries and they start invading Georgia and other countries in the middle east. South Korea and North Korea start their war. 

Meanwhile the North Korea invades USA and conquers swats of land... Inconsistencies everywhere. Supposedly an EMP destroy all forms of communication but still the cellphone works, still their walky-talky works. Cars that should be electronic. That's interesting. 

Then the all Wolverine stuff. The wolverines, a bunch of kids are capable of killing North Korea soldiers that train all their lives for that. Unrealistic crap.

Interesting or not is that there was a nazi guerrilla that went into allied and soviet lands and they were called Werwolf... Coincidence?

I think the all movie is a propaganda movie for USA. We are great and such cannot be conquered. A bunch of rednecks or teens are better than fully train soldiers. Enfin. And let's be real - North Korea is not big enough to conquer USA - China probably would.
 A crappy movie all around. It was to easy.  I almost sense no great problems and there was even time for romance.

At least the marine was killed... but the rebellion endure!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Movie Review: Dark Circles (2013)

Dark Circles is a movie deals with changes on a couple  after having their first baby. They leave the city to raise the girl in the outskirts. What's interesting is that the first months of a child are exhausting. I know I've pass by them (still am) and if you don't get enough sleep will be grumpy and sometimes in some extends you do things like hallucinate. To make matter worse is that some guys are building another house next door which makes it impossible to them to have a good sleep. They start to have some "dreams" about a strange woman in white and black hair...

Is all in the head? Or is there a supernatural event working here? 
We get to see this family going to shreds... Sleep deprivation is horrible....

Another thing... why doesn't people turn the light on when going into a dark  place? Wtf...
Btw, no away that child is only a couple of months.

The end we hear a radio statement that explains that a woman escape some psychiatric ward (something to do with her 8 month dead child) and we learn that they weren't imagining the woman -she really try to kill family. OK. A closure.

But again we must not forget that this is a psychological horror because part of the problem was  because of sleep deprivation. It's not advisable to anyone who recently had children.

Maybe a different type of ending would be better for this movie. I felt cheated. Almost as nothing had happened. OK the woman was killed, their friend was killed and even the babysitter. But almost nothing happened to them in the end. They left their field house and sleep together... Enfin...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Movie Review: Sonyeo (2013)

So, I've watch this Korean horror story. It's not that horror in my opinion but more drama.
You've got this boy (Yoon-soo) that left Seoul to go a village. There he meets a strange girl (Hae-Won) and starts a new relationship. Meanwhile her father is killed and the boy thinks he saw her grabbing a knife and tells the police who spreads a rumor... 

We later understand that Yoon-soo's friend had died because a rumor he created.  

Afterwards he starts to make amends for what he did and search for Yoon-soo who is unconscious. He brings her to the doctor who says she is pregnant and probably it's the son of her own father. Yoon Soo then confronts him telling it was him that created the rumor and kills him. Then afterwards while trying to cover up everything the kill the foreman who had molested her (probably the father of her unborn child).

Later on, they escape to the city but where powerless and defeated they return to the village lake and he ask her to teach him how to skate (he had previously ask her). As they skate through the ice we begin to see it crack. We never see the ending but we hear water splashing. Probably committed suicide.

This book starts as a drama and ends in a drama. Horror there is none. Probably more psychological thriller.

Nevertheless it is a good movie, although I think it could have been better. Both main characters were a little.. well slow. This movie should have had a better pace.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Anime: Winter 2017

Due to my work my plans of making reviews and such are highly damaged.... So far at 20 January I've watch 100 animes - finishing 3 of them...

BUT at least this is going to be a good season in terms of anime. There are plenty of animes I am eagerly waiting each week and a lot of them are quite good.

In terms of preference:

Konosuba second season (8.46) it's the second season of a fantasy comedy type of anime. Plenty of cliches but what interests me is the characters. From a useless goddess to a magician who only knows a great level spell and it's basically useless afterwards or a Paladin (tank) that is a masochist. Their interaction is quite funny and the voice actors are quite good. It's one of the first anime I really pay attention to the voice actors.
 Youjo Senki 

At the same level is  Youjo Senki (7.57) or "Saga of Tanya the Evil". This anime took me from my feet and made me tremble. I even watch the first ep again. IT's quite awesome. The first episode it takes us to a place very similar to WW1 but with magic and the second episode we get to know from where Tanya came and I think it was something nobody was expecting. Many people even thought they were seeing a different anime. Really really great. Tonight a new episode is coming out.

Then we've got Fuuka (7.39). An anime with Slice of Life and romance. In MAL it says Ecchi but I really can't understand that. Maybe a little bit but nothing too over extensive. Really enjoy the first two episodes. Really enjoy their connection and it made me wanna watch the manga.

 Demi-Chan Kataritai 
ACCA: 13-ku Kankatsu-ka (7.04) is another good anime. A bit of police and drama with some hints on fantasy. It reminds me of some organization like in nazi germany (Gestapo) but without the violence.

All-Out (7.17) still it goes the anime with rugby. Heavy info on the lifes of the the players. These last two eps were heartbreaking.

Then we've got Demi-Chan Kataritai (7.71). It's comedy but it's also fantasy and school. It's about the life of the Ajin (like vampires or dulahaha I think) entering the school of humans and trying to coop. Then we've got a professor who is trying to learn more of these ajin. Funny.

ACCA: 13-ku Kankatsu-ka
Gabriel Dropout (7.59) is an anime that mixes religion with school theme. Some angels and devils come to earth to learn in schools. To better understand humankind. It seems the angels are even more rebelious than the devils. It's quite funny. Gabriel an angel is obessessed with videogames and wishes to blow the thrumpet that signals the end of the earth. Satania a devil is all I am evil but cannot do anything evil.

Kuzu no Honkai (scum's wish) (8.0) is a mature anime about romance. One boy and one girl love other older people with no change to get them so they date one another wishing for better days. They are both aware of what they are doing. As I said, more mature but NOT ecchi or hentai or something like that. I think this series are highly depressive...

Onihei (7.0) another good series. Historical samurai anime. More realistic that some other with fantasy elements. It deals with a "police" man dealing with several crimes.

Kuzu no Honkai 
Masamune-kun no Revenge (7.80) is about a revenge of Masamune to a girl that bullied him when they were young. He now is gorgeous and his goal is revenge (even when other girl want to date him).

Seiren (6.86) is another slice of life, romance and school thing. A boy likes a girl who is more advanced in terms of romance. He leaves for a summer camp (to study) and there she appears leaving some openning to make his moves.

Urara Meirochou (6.98) is a fantasy anime that focus on a city where a woman try to learn the secrets of divination. Our main character who lived in the mountains wants to find her mother.

Still watching Tiger Mask W a (6.42) wrestling anime that is sequel of a 30 year anime. Not the best around but still watchable.

Koro-sensei Quest! (7.24)  It's a alternative reality or spin-off for Assassination Classroom where comedy is the only way to go. You can't take this anime very seriously.  But still watchable. It's another that is not fully length with only 10m

Ninja Girl & Samurai Master (6.78) (Nobunaga no Shinobi ) - stupid name in English, probably more correct would be Nobunaga's Shinobi (Ninja) - it's a series of 5m each about the life of Nobunaga and his conquests (of course the Ninja part are completely unreal it has some historical accuracy). I really look forward for it.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

2016 was a different year. I start watching with more regularity series, movies and animes. The last quarter of the year it even improve due to one thing... gaming. I stop playing so many games which help a lot.

106 movies
That's almost one every three days.
My favorite were, in no particular order:
- Oculus;  The Wave; Deadpool; Train to Busan; Martyrs & Kairo

337 TV Series Episodes
That's almost one per day, no?
21 Finish Seasons of Series
Stranger Things win with no problem... 
But Scream TV Series; X-Files and Ash vs Evil Dead are right behind...

523 Anime Episodes
31 Finish Series (or seasons)
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0; Hai to Gensou no Grimgar; KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!; Orange; ReLIFE; Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Eraser); Ushio and Tora (Season 2); Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin & Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV)

Yeah a lot...

So what's happening in the future for me?

I will try to watch even more since my first six months were not that good in terms of watching series or animes... as I said the games were destroy my time.....
T Eps Anime T Eps Series Movies Total
Jan-16 0 18 10 28
Fev-16 0 0 1 1
Mar-16 0 26 5 31
Abr-16 15 21 1 37
Mai-16 15 3 6 24
Jun-16 46 27 12 85
Jul-16 18 24 19 61
Ago-16 84 44 1 129
Set-16 99 47 5 151
Out-16 19 3 33 55
Nov-16 69 75 7 151
Dez-16 158 49 6 213

92 Books 
but that's a bit false..
22 novels
70 audiobooks

This is something I would like to improve and I've alread started in December. I finish four novels in one month!

My goal will be reading 54 novels. I think it's feasible but probably unreliable...

Monthly Update -December 2016 - Movies, Series and Animes

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan
I must say that it was a great month December in terms of movies, series and anime... not so much in terms of boardgaming. Oh and reading it was also good.

A note to reading. I finish reading four books. The first four novels on the The Beast Arises 12 novel series.

Movies ( 6 Movies)
- Hundra (review here)
- After Earth - A Sci-fi movie with Will Smith and his son. Not so good I'm afraid
- Branded - Interesting movie about companies with some sci-fi components. I enjoy the movie (The first half at least)
- Patient Seven - Interesting little horror movie about interview on several mental patients..
- Equals  (review here)
- Spectral (review here)

TV Series ( 49 Eps)
- Doctor Who - 19 Eps
- Z Nation (Season 3)  - 4 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2) - 2 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Van Helsing (Season 1) - 3 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Aftermath (Season 1) - 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
Slasher (Season 1) - 7 Eps (Finish the series - review here)
35-sai no Koukousei - 1 Eps (8 to go...)

Animes ( 158 Eps)
Finish Series
- Days -  (Season 1)  - 4 Eps (Finish the series - review here
- Bernard-jou Iwaku - 4 Eps (Finish the series - review here
- Cheating Craft -  12 Eps (Finish the series - review here
- Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan (TV) (Season 1) - 4 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- TO BE HERO 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Keijo!!!!!!!! 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- My Wife is the Student Council President!+ 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki  12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Nazotokine 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)
- Nanbaka 12 Eps (Finished the series, review to come)

Still Watching
- Sengoku Choujuu Giga  - 11 Eps 
- Long Riders!- 7 Eps
- Hitori no Shita: The Outcast -2 Eps 
- 91 Days - 2 Eps
- Tiger Mask W - 12 Eps
- Ao Oni: The Animation - 4 Eps
- 3-gatsu no Lion - 1 Eps
- All Out!! - 4 Eps
- Fune wo Amu (The Great Passage) - 7 Eps

Gi(a)rlish Number - 6 Eps
- Nobunaga no Shinobi - 13 Eps
- Stella no Mahou - 1 Eps
- Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru  - 1 Eps
- Watashi ga Motete Dousunda  - 1 Eps
- www.working  - 1 Eps

Plus 6 other animes I try one or two episodes but drop out...

All in all I watch 213 programs in one month. That's Amazing! :)
I will tell you all about my 2017 plans in a different post.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Movie Review: Spectral (2016)

Let me start from the beginning.... Rip-Off!
If you watched the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie back in 2001 then basically you will recall this one. This is what I call repost... with an update version. 

Okay it's not a ripoff but damn it's very similar "monsters". In Final Fantasy they are Gaia's made after we desecrated the planet and in here they are man-made.

Basically the USA special forces are fighting in Moldavia against a dictatorship resurgent and they encounter something they cannot explain. Something that it's hidden from normal sight but visible under a special goggles. People who got hit by those shadow beings are killed immediately. Burned in the outside and gelid in the inside.

They call some guy who made the goggles who after an initial confrontation and other some locals understand that the only think that hurts them it's lead. It does not destroy them but it paralyses them. They also learn that ceramic also blocks their movement (they can move through walls).

After an initial war the remaining forces retreat to a place where the scientist understands that those beings are not camouflage as they thought initial or alien - they are man-made beings made by something called Bose-Einstein Condensate.

They track those beings to a factory which was being used as a secret technology department. The remaining army goes there with their new plasma weapons (probably because it generates heat - don't know) and strike down most beings who recover soon afterwards. Some guys including the Scientist go to the lab where they uncover a lot more beings that are still trapped. They shut down the machine giving them power and they colapsed out the existence... The scientist then discover that basically those beings were x-rays version on a molecular scale of human beings who were strip out of everything except their nervous system and controlled (although unconsciously) those things. They unplug them - killing them (against the CIA operative idea) and the monsters were defeated. We later learn that the Army was trying to learn of how was being made.

This movie is a anti-war. First the man discover something that could remove water from something and the army wanted to make it a weapon and now this. They give some examples including Einstein atomic bomb. Interesting good movie. But don't expect a masterpiece. Cool action scenes...

Review: The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe (The Beast Arises 3 of 12)

The Emperor Expects The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe
My rating: 7.5 of 10 stars

This novel is the first one we get to see a bit more action... in this case naval action. But Gav Thorpe is not in the same league as Jack Campbell depicting battle scenes.

For the first time I thought things were moving forward. In the other two novels they were too concentrated on Ardamantua Or Terra but it seems no time had passed. Some of the political plays were finally resolve here (SOME) and others began. We see the Imperial Navy coming together in one massive armada to destroy ONE Death Star Attack Moon.

One (or Two) of the main characters were the Vangorich and his "allie"Inquisistor Wienand who is embroiled in Inquisitors powerplays with even an attack on her by other Inquisitors. Basically Wienand with the help of Vangorich want to make the High Lords take charge and responsibility. The other Inquisitors try to banish and kill Wienand so they can take charge of the High Lords.
(This is quite interesting setting because the Inquisition is quite new Over 2000 years. We know that in 40K they are basically rulers and their power is absolute but from where did they come from? or their power?) There are some ideas here that ask that same question.. who created the Inquisition? Who make it powerful beyond belief?)

We also follow Captain Koorland the last survivor of Imperial Fists trying to reunite with their brethren to once again, after 2000 years, form a co-coalition of all imperial fists chapters.... (there are only 5 or 6 but I bet there are more, after all we don't know all the 1000 chapters - and I think that in 32K most of them weren't created yet - btw, who does a new chapter is created?)

Of newcomers we follow (as the previous novel did with the woman in that planet that commit seppuku) we follow Captain Kulik and Shaffenbeck (second in command) as he try to enter and distance himself from politics between Admirals. Interesting that half this novel was about this rivalries between naval officers and such.

Besides one naval boarding party they are almost non-existent. Okay they fought in Port Sanctus where they destroy the Death Star Attack Moon but they are also that...

This book was better that the previous two. We have more political dramas & schemes. Some fighting scenes (naval) & some space marine rethoric....

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Review: Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders (The Beast Arises 2 of 12)

Predator, Prey Predator, Prey by Rob Sanders
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

Predator, Prey is the second book on this twelve book saga.

This book adds more characters and snatches up all plotlines. I think it gave scope to the series whereas the first focus a lot on Ardamantua Campaign.

We learn that there are a lot of attack moons..... which bears the question: Where did they come from? I wonder how noboy find out about this before. It's quite intriguing... I thought of Dark Eldars behind BUT I don't know... because it's not their way. Why help the Orcs destroy everything, basically...

We find out that the Mechanicus Faction are working to understand better of what are the Attack Moons and how they work. In a way they are experimenting. They find out in Ardamantua several space marines and rescue them - not because of compassion but because it could become value memory information. Only one of them survived... Koorland (Slaughter) and he is alone the sole survivor of the Imperial Fists...

One interesting thing is that the Orks althought a major player - we never see them work (or even the Beast for that matter). They arrive and destroy! That's it.

We also see more political agenda by Vangorich (Probably my favorite character so far) and the liasion or the head speaker of the inquisition. They plot and are allies of some sorts against the ineffective way of the High Lords. There is a great clash / power struggle between The Imperial Navy & Imperial Guard.

We also follow for several chapters a world called Undide and a female pirate-military to extract the planetary governor and the quest for the virus bombs to wipe out the world... and kill the orks (a seppuku if you will). It felt that it was a short story all in all but divided in small chapters.

We also have some information about the successor chapters of Imperial Fists like Fists Examplar & Black Templars. The Firsts Examplar are probably the only fighting scenes we see in this book. Basically they died because of Imperial Fists stubborn trait. Here we follow Maximus Thane. (On Black Templars we have some information about Marshal Bohemond). They also talk a bit about Dorn decision to split the chapter.

I would lie if I said "Great" but it's a bit interesting to see more plots being given, more political struggles and I am a bit confused about the Mechanicus almost conspiracy against the Imperium.

Nevertheless we receive a bigger scope to the Ork Threat and political schemes & chapter code thoughts...

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Review: I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett (The Beast Arises 1 of 12)

I Am Slaughter I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett
My rating: 5.5 of 10 stars

Small Review...
With a little over 200 pages it look like more a novella than a novel but that's what I expect from the new Black Library format. Why make 400 pages book when you can make 200 and charge the same (or more). Look at all those novels being release 2016. Not counting with HH most books don't surpass 250 pages or are an amalgamation of short stories.

Well Dan Abnett is a King but in this novel I didn't enjoy that much. It felt like a really long prologue (and probably it was what they were aiming there).

They throws us into a clash between the Imperial Fists and some beings (that look like intergalactic giant flying ants) in a planet quite close to Terra ( six weeks warp travel) called Ardamantua.
We mostly get to see the effects of big space hulks (flying planetoids) that tore the world apart.

Some imperial fists died from that (and from the innitial xenos). After the appearance of that monster moon the remaining Imperial Fists that were stationed on Terra (for over 2000 years) go to help their battle brothers. Suffice to say that they weren't enough of them.

We also got see a bit of something I didn't think they had talk before - the High Lords of Terra. IT's a complacent bunch and basically petty politicians that rob mankind and take advantage of their positions. Abnett also introduce us the petty squabbles between themselves. In this book we follow a couple characters inclduding Second Company Master Koorland aka "Slaughter" (which unfortunately I hope more of him). "Beast" an Assassin & "Beast" the Ork - Why name two characters with the same codename was a bit odd... We also follow the Master of Assassins - Drakan Vangorich who is not part of the High Twelve being substitute by another office.

I hope for a bit more but unfortunall that's what you get with a 12 book saga. Enter Predator Prey.

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Movie Review: The Equals (2015)

This movie reminds me of three or four more. The suppression of emotions. First Equilibrium (in here people don't feel and take pills to suppress their feelings) and The Giver (here also people don't feel and they even see in black and white...) 1984 - here it's discouraged but people still feel but bonding is not that common.

We get some glimpses about society. Some wars happened a most people died. The others who did not died made a treatment so they could be emotionless. Probably they thought emotions was the doom of mankind (so correct and so wrong at the same time). Those that start to feel are given a treatment that delays the inevitable death. SOS Stages. After silas was present in a arrest of a couple and some suicide guy he start to see changes in one college. He later befriends a "cop"-alike "Safety & Health" and understands that she is a Hider. She has all the symptoms but don't take pills to treat herself.

Later he starts follow until one day they start talking in a bathroom. They later touch and kiss and becomes lovers while hiding from everyone. He then begins to understand that he was a liability and exchanges work but soon Nia (the girl) go to his apartment and they become a couple.

After a while they plan to escape because a new treatment appeared and this time it will cure forever of "feelings". At a regular check up Nia is alerted that she is to be inseminated (that's their breathing protocol after all they don't have sex) but she finds out that she is already pregnant. She is arrested and force to commit suicide. The Safety & Health guy Silas knew helps NIA escape with the help of two others but they are soon discovered and apprehended - they are gone to receive the final treatment .

Silas distressed goes to the Den (the place where they commit suicide (or forced suicide) and learns that Nia was killed (she wasn't killed but exchanged names with a person who was killed). Heartbroken he tries to commit suicide but was weak. Nia arrives at Silas's Home and waits there for his arrival. After a couple of hours he arrives and she tries to touch him and caress him where she learns that he received the final cure and says that he remembers that he loves her but now he does not. He still escapes with her to the outside world but is totally apathetic to everything else.

In the last scene we see him sit besides her in the train leading outside and grabbing her hand - although he shows no emotions. Which leads us to an open ending.

This is a good movie but something I've seen before. Nothing original. You've seen Equilibrium and basically you watch this one. Although in Equilibrium there is a lot of fighting and the "feelings" are present but not hat exacerbated. The Giver is also a lot like this. Go read The Giver. You will feel more fulfilled. One of the best books I've ever read.

Worldbulding was weak. Why the emotion supression. How did it start. What year? What happen to people outside? Is the space travel only fiction?

Another is the cover... Those cameras and such. There is no big brother like in 1984. People are almost self imposed to give themselves up when they appear to have symptons. There are also detentions but it didn't felt like big brother. When he learns that Nia was supposedly killed he has some fit and the guard just before him just ask him whats up and he was visible distress.....

Nice tables to eat...never facing one another...
Then people with symptoms SOS 1 or 2 (there were four stages) still made part of society. They should be isolated so they couldn't "contaminate" anyone else. There are even some SOS 1 or 2 - "Health and Safety" jobs. How can you trust them to function correctly?

Nevertheless, an okay movie. Not thrilled to watch it nor angry or anything like that.. it's meh (You've seen what I did there?)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TV Series: Slasher - Season One

We're we go again. The last series I ended up seeing was "Slasher". Having love Scream TV Series I thought that I would also enjoy this one.

Well in part I did enjoy the series BUT I can't honestly say I would advice to anyone.

Basically the series are focused in two parts.
One only in snippets or images and the other in the actual story. The actual story focus on the life of Sarah Benett and her husband Dylan returning to a town where gruesome murderers have happen 20 years before. Tom Winston killed both Sarah father and mother while she was in her womb. After some problems with money she returns; she to work in a gallery and he to work as editor in chief in a newspaper.

From that moment on, we understand that there are a lot lies, hidden stories from each characters. Each episode as well focus on a killing - each one corresponds to one SIN

First Wrath; Gluttony; Envy; Sloth (2 victims); Greed; Lust and Pride. Yes, this are 7 seven sins in seven episodes Because the last one didn't had a cardinal sin. In the seven episode we learn who the killer was and it was awful blow...

Katie McGrath doesn't do a particular good work on her performance. I really didn't enjoy her acting... neither I enjoy Brandon McLaren (Dylan). I did enjoy Steve Byers (Cam) and Tom Winston (The original executioner).

Spoilers ahead...
- First the all Ian Vaughn story (the chief police). He kidnapped some drunk girl and had her as a slave for 5 years - and a son. Her wife knew and ignore it...
- Tom Winston, the original executioner killed and let himself  be arrested for what? Couldn't understand why he did it. In the seven episode we get the feeling he was being manipulated by Sarah's parents (she then find out that Tom was her true father). Later on he sacrifice himself so Sarah could live... what if he didn't do it? Then Sarah would've been killed and Cam wouldn't be with her... so... did he knew she would sacrifice himself?
- Then we've got Cam... So he killed his mother and several years afterwards start to clenase the city. Why? We know he is a serial killer but...
- In the final episode Cam frames Dylan, Sarah soon afterwards fucks Cam. It was a really interesting because we see Cam be a little violent. She then starts unpacking stuff and sees Cam with a drawing - a drawing he made several years before that symbolizes Gluttony - she then understands that he is the killer.

About the ending...
So, Sarah tries to kill Cam, fails miserable, lets her friend also be stabbed and runs away. Dylan then rescues Sarah but he is beat by a injured Cam (why all psychotic killers have such regenerative powers); Sarah then smacks Cam down and with the help of Dylan starts stabbing saying that one is for X and the other one is for Y and such. In the end she slashes his throat killing him. They then leave the city and a new tenants arrive with a cute little girl who snaps the throat of a cat - DAMN!! 

Is this going to have a new season? I think so but it's going to be with different characters and plot. I hope they do it and have more money to spent. I don't think it was that interesting and it could have been cut to half the episodes. I think it left some questions unanswered that probably will be left to our imagination. 

Nevertheless it was a fun watch. I watch the first episodes several months ago but the last 7 episodes in couple of days. If I knew beforehand I would have not watch the series so that goes to say - can I advice to anyone....

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Anime Review: Cheating Craft (Fall 2016)

 Cheating Craft is a waste of time.

Now that I've said that let's start our review. Basically we are in a world where boys and girls are given a test. Either they pass and become someone important, noble or something like that or they fail and never rise again.

A boy Mu Ming Zhuge is taking the challenge so he can rescue his framed father. He hand his cousin try to enter that world. He is a C-Student (basically a person who passes classes by cheating) and she is a L-Student (a Learning Student)

All C-Students have some interesting techniques to cheat. In this case our protagonist uses Shokatsu technique which was taught by his own father. Each episode is a  different type of professor and test and their willing to cheat. It's a bit repetitive in my opinion. There is other characters, some eps focus on them and their interaction with our main character.

Some episodes in the middle (7/8 I think) appear out of nowhere and the boy learns something interesting - a new techniques, but it appear out of nowhere. No explanation. Nothing. The ending was quite strange, so it seems their teacher was a alien who was testing them all and they cooperate and defeated her. But then in the frame afterwards she is leading their class to another class. At the same time our guy receives a letter to meet someone and a "shot" is heard and the end... I mean, what a fvkc? What a heck happened?

Besides all of this, the story is very strange. Is he gay? because he sure like one girl... What about his cousin? Does she like him? I don't know. Very strange anime, waste of time and nothing is learned; unless you learn that cheating is okay unless you are caught. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Anime Review: Bernard-Jou Iwaku (Fall 2016)

So here we are in a new review of another anime I watched in December. Bernard- Jou Iwaku - in English Miss Bernard said.

This anime could go for a lot of time if they wanted it. Each episode has 4 minute and only 12 episodes. Each episode, is FAST and FURIOUS. The lines of each character sometimes are so fast that to read everything you must pause and push backwards.

The series focus on a girl - Sawako Machida and her interest on books but she doesn't like to read... Yeah it's strange. She enjoys books but reading not so much. I can relate to that.

Well in the first three of four episodes it focus a lot on her and Endou (a guy). Then after the middle episodes they realized that the interest part was the relation between her and Kanbayashi.

Kanbayashi is a girl that enjoys books over everything and constantly suggests some books to her friend which either she just takes a couple of catchphrases or reads the backcover.

Then this series focus in other two things... Reading habits and books!

Each story, at least, they give us (the watchers) some feedback on a book. It's quite interesting. Most of them I Had since almost all of them are Sci-Fiction Literature.

The studio is called Creators in Pack. I don't understand what they are... if they are a real studio or something like that but most of their animes are not that well receive by the "critics" in MAL. Most their series rank from  5.46 to 6.70. So probably no second season... but advisable to anyone since watching them all in one go will take 30m or so...