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State of the Blog July 2018

Well I am not dead :)
I started a new job and my time is very limited to be here but fear not it's temporary until I can cope with everything. But I didn't stop watching anime.

My last post was in the end April. I finish Yusibu: I couldnt become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job. and Hakumei to Mikochi in May. Both were okay but nothing in particular stand them out. I finished Mobile Suit Gundman: the 08th MS team and it was very good. War / romance anime with some battles. Very good. Then I finish Working!! which I also enjoyed a lot. Gate: Thus the JSDF fought there! was also very interesting war/isekai mix. Better than Outbreak Company. A bit of nationalist feeling but it was good.

Then from Spring 2018 I finish and didn't enjoy that much 3D Kanojo Real Girl (bad anime about Romance); Tachibankan Triangle a anime mix with hentai and yaoi. Alice or Alice is one of those animes that put the FBI unto you. Gurazeni a baseball anime, Mahou Shoujo Ore (Magical Girl O…

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