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Anime Review: Sword Art Online II (Summer 2014)

Guilly pleasure mix with some facepalm situations...
That's how I think of the Sword Art Online II. This anime had some great premise. I remember enjoying the first episodes of the first SOA but then thinking that Kirito (Kazuto) made Asuna pass from the second most powerful kensai to a housewife and a chef. The last twelve episodes of the first season we almost never see Asuna. 

When we start season 2 I already knew that this season had it's problems and boy it had. First of all we meet another girl Shino and she had some problems. It was very interesting two or three episodes. Enter Kirito and she becomes almost a side character of her show. Twelve episodes later I thought another woman that turn from a lion to a little kitten because of Kirito. Another woman to his harem.

Then we've got some 3 or 4 episodes that really felt like a side-quest of a videogame. Had no purpose at all and then enter the last 6 episodes and probably the better of the 48 episodes. Thus enter Yuuki…

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