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Anime Review: Hanebado & Harukana Receiver (Summer 2018)

This last season had two sports anime.

The first was Hanebado -a  story about badminton and the struggles of one team. In the beginning you think  Nagisa wo

uld be your main character and then afterwards it change  Ayano and to me it was a deal breaker. I didn't even enjoy the story besides it was very stupid and basic. Basically she was a really good player that took a bit to far the competition (because of her mother who push her). When her mother sense she was going too far - she left her daughter and runaway to Denmark to train another girl who then would appear on the story to battle Ayano. Then it was over in a couple of episodes and on to battle between Nagisa and Ayano.

In my humble opinion, in terms of art style is really really good. The movement of the players, the lightning, the imagery, landscapes all perfect BUT then the plot was really dumb and stupid.  At times you could see Ayano almost ready to murder her opponent (even on practice matches)... Enfin... To watch if y…

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