Review: The Conqueror Worms - Brian Keene

title: The Conqueror Worms
author: Brian Keene
publisher: Leisure Books
reading time: 7 days (05/06/2009 to 11/07/2009)
pages: 326
rating: 8/10

After reading Dead Sea I start reading this book. I still have to read The Hollow, Ghoul and Dark Hollow and the anthology the Rising (arriving this next week). The others I don't have... Maybe after reading this ones... I must save money...

Well this book is a homage (is it?) to Lovecraft and it's Cthulhu Mythos. That and the makeover of the Flood by... God.

The story again it's in the first person point of view. Again (in a good way) it's a not typical main character. It's a old man with more than 80 years. I enjoy that. First in Dead Sea and now on this book.

The book is divided in three parts... The first part starts in the end and the main character starts telling what made him write that book.. The main character is called Teddy Garrett. The first part of the book is how the main character and his friend Carl Seaton do to survive. Teddy and Carl are joined by Kevin and Sarah who survived the crash of their helicopter due to the insane actions of another survivor, Earl Harper.

The second part is the tale of Kevin and Sarah. I Think this is better than the first. We are told how they survive in a world that is slowing drowing because it's raining for forty days. Every character as a thought of why it's happening. Then we are awarded with the Lovecraftian monsters .... Giant Worms coming out of the mud. Mermaids enchanting persons and driving them mad and even a Leviathan. This was a fast-paced part and I think the only flaw of the books is the first part. I think it's too long.

The third part begins with them all together and again we are presented with an Lovecraftian ending. In the end as he ends the book we are as Dead Sea presented with a open-ending (it's word right?). The ending makes you think what happened to the three characters that could be alive... As Dead Sea, Herr Keene can comeback to it...

I can see him making a couple of short stories with this world... I would enjoy it.

There are several thing that I enjoyed.. First the monsters. Then the magic and bible references and the alusories that they bring. Third the Lovecraftian theme. Excelent. Then the fast paced second part. (I would enjoy reading more of that world or other monsters). Then the "Satanists". Here Brian Keene starts telling that the satanists hunts and sacrifices people to their dark sea gods but then he show us that he indeed knows what are satanists and what they believe. Maybe he is trying to remove some bad relations to them. Unfortunaly there some young and not that young people that say they are satanits and they are only couple of anarchists with painted white face and red lips trying to be cool...

The other thing that I noticed was "The Sons of Constitution" reference. This is the second book of Keene that says something about them... I wonder why...

Well in the end was an interesting book without zombies but good nevertheless. The next book is going to be the anthology of the Rising.
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