Movie Review: Abattoir (2016) October Horror Fest (12)

Finally I got to one day = one movie. Abattoir was my twelfth movie of the month. I must say, before my review, that this title was really misleading. Don't understand the ratings in imdb. It was a very interesting movie but I think the end offended all those "happy ending" kind of guys... but first things first..

The movie is not the first for this director. He made some interesting movies that I've watch like Saw II, Saw II, Saw IV, The Devil's Carnival, Allelluia! The Devil's Carnival and now Abattoir. Bear in mind that I pay almost no mind on the producers, directors or actors when picking movies. I don't have any particular preferred movies but that's an interesting thing.. maybe I have and I don't know it... I will dwell in it.

The movie begins with a woman Julia ( Jessica Lowndes) in her sister house trying to find a donor to her nephew. Later as she is at work she receives a call saying that her family had been murdered. After a couple of days she returns to the house where she finds that the house was sold and the room where the gruesome murder happened had been ripped out.

From this moment on, we watch Julia and her ex-wanna-boyfriend cop, searching the reason from the murder. They discover that a man has being buying house where murders occurred and take that away. She discovers that every single person to which that happened was from New English.

They discover that that place had seen better days and everyone dislikes stranger. They meet a woman who tells them that a man Jebediah Crone came to town and amass a lot of people under his spell. They later discover that everyone had sacrifice their own children to Jebediah and Julia is the last piece.

There is a good dialogue between Julia and Jebediah, I will tell you that. In the end they discover the house and Julia enters first where she sees a big mansion where all rooms are different (since they are from different houses "glue" together, and continuously we watch the spirits of the dead killing and dying. She discovers her sister room and is distraught and incidentally she kills her ex-wanna-boyfriend cop. Jebediah says that is the end piece and then the woman, from before appears (we learn that she is indeed Julia's mother - she made a pact but her husband escape with their two child) and points a gun at Jebediah but kills her instead saying that she has paid her due... In the end we learn that that place was a way to enter the spirit world where he could meet his own wife and child.

Yeah, the "bad" guys win... I don't think he is that bad but it's bad nevertheless... Which for me is good thing. I enjoy unhappy endings. Well - what can I say? The movie it's good but there are some things that I Would change. First the pace. The begging is very straightforward but then in the middle, for 30 or 40 minutes nothing really happens. We never learn the reason why the town would sell their own children to Jebediah. What did they gain since the town is a dying town? Then we've got the actors... Jessica Lowndes is a pretty face but I don't think she stands out here. The only one who stands out is Jebediah Crone and a bit of crazy Allie. Grady? I really didn't care about him...  I would have love to see more information on the house, or the exploration of that concept of that crack between realities... But unfortunately that doesn't happen... Maybe a sequel? I think it's on the making...

Should I advice this one? Yes. But see it at your own risk
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