Movie Review: The Caretaker (2016) October Horror Fest (03)

This is a third movie review for this month of Horror and Terror

With one hour and nineteen minutes it's quite small. The story begins with a mental old women banish a caretaker. Later, her granddaughter (Mallorie) and her boyfriend (August) come to the house to take care of her and at the same time hire another Caretaker. Mallorie suffer from sleepwalking and sometimes start saying things (or see things).

First half of the film is about Birdie psycosis and the couple trying to get a caretaker but it seems nobody wants the position. It seems Birdie was a psychic in the circus and has a fixation of Rawdilly and clowns.

They say something in this movie that I reckon may be true... Fear is stronger than Love.
Fear is primordial. Fear exists before every other emotion. Love was created by men. We "love" our children because we need them to be alright and protected. Love is kind word we give it. But all animals have that instinct. Do they feel love? Well apart from that... let us continue...

As they watch some odd tapes they are drugged by Birdie...

Then we've got some flashbacks. We saw grandmother Birdie killing Rawdilly and her own daughter - Mallorie's mother.  It seems Mallorie has some psychic abilities too... or is she crazy as well? Mallorie after recollecting all those supress memories she kills Birdie...

When August wakes up he tries to take Mallorie to see a psychatrist because of her symptoms but she says she won't live the house. He leaves but afterwards enters the house with the intent of drugging her and taking her by force. As he enters Birdie room she sees Mallorie doing the things her grandmother did. The movie ends as Mallorie slams shut the door traping August in the Room with Mallorie and both ghosts or aparitions of Rawdilly and her own mother.

Should you watch it?  No. I cannot in good conscience advice it to someone. It's slow in a bad way and only at the last 10m of  the film something happens. This is not a good terror movie should be played. I was never in fear of my characters and saw the ending a mile away. In the end I'm glad it was only 1 hour and 20 minutes because it was boring. The only thing worthy was both woman's part. But when a movie has only 3 characters (with a couple more for 3 or 4 apiece)  all things can go wrong... As I said, advisable? No. If you want to watch a women fall into a deep psychocis then yeah
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